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Friday, 28 October 2011

Holt the Dame

The Dame is deeply saddened. One of the most decent of councillors is her old friend and neighbour in Gloucester Rd,  Cllr Tony Holt. Tony is a jolly good chap BUT like so many of his other decent colleagues, refuses-in that very English way- 'to rock the boat'. In refusing to do so he becomes part of the problem.
Tony has angrily described the Dame and her work as, 'dreadful'.

 left: A fuming Cllr Tony Holt!

He may be right. The Dame hopes that she inspires dread in those who would work against the interests of residents. Come on whatever stuff you are made of !


  1. It is dreadful work that you do dear Dame! But someone must do it, because the very people who are supposed to ask the questions and raise their concerns sit silently, history has a trail of people who have done this and then want enquiries to find out what they knew they should have done. Wake up Councillors! Protect the residents you are meant to represent.

  2. Tony is one of those nice, sheltered souls, who never found out what the real world is about.

    He feels "safe" in the clutch of over arching authority. The patronage society of Hornton Street suits him well. He knows the boundaries and where he stands. No discretion required. No need to work things out. No need to make choices.It all works like clockwork.

    Pity poor Tony. He was born in the wrong country. The Soviet Union would have suited him well.

    Or a cabbage patch

  3. Cllr Holt is a thoroughly nice chap and does stirling work as Chairman of his committee. And his residents in Courtfield Ward are very fond of him

  4. Matthew Palmer aka Up Yours. We know it's you for no one can bugger up the English language as you do.
    I think you might mean Tony does, 'sterling work' rather than 'stirling' work. Stirling is a town in Scotland... You really ar a poor sap! Tony H might make a jolly good churchwarden but he is lifeless as a councillor.

  5. I wish 23.10 was as vociferous representing the residents of this borough by helping to do something productive such as getting rid of the people who are loaning tax payers money without our permission for more fluff and nonsense, rather than spending it on the people who need it our elderly, isolated and disabled. If 23.10 is a councillor maybe the little leader has given them the chosen role of 'monitor' of the Dame! I wonder if a sword was involved!

  6. 00.06 sad to say you are right. Palmer enjoys the protection of the seedy Leader as he has promised to deliver the name of Dame Hornet and her supporters. He has an 'access all areas' pass, and never mind if what he is doing is 'a bit' illegal - desperate times call for desperate measures, and Cockell is desperate.

    But the seedy Leader may regret this when Palmer goes too far, as he will any day now, and brings the Leader down with him.

  7. The Dame wonders why the stupid Cockup would want to identify her, unless he want to put her up for the Mayor's Award for bringing democracy to the Rotten Borough: it would never stop her Dameship
    She doesn't give a toss for the little fella'

    Sycophant to the Dame

  8. If councillor Holt wants to get hot under the collar because of the Dame then so be it. Why shouldn't Cockells plundering of taxpayers money be highlighted. If Holt wants to do something useful then he should vent his anger in the council chamber and stop supporting Londons number one dictator.

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