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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Steven Forbes, Chelsea Care and £400,000

 left: Forbes paid over £400,000 by RBKC since late 2006

A source within Hornton Street suggested The Dame take a close interest in the role Steven Forbes played in the demise of Chelsea Care.
When the management of Chelsea Care went belly up he became as “interim” MD: presumably he was still in post when CC went into liquidation. 

So who is this man who suddenly gets parachuted in as Interim MD to oversee it's final failure? 
  1.      what qualifications/credentials did he have
  2.      what was he paid
  3.      who authorised his appointment
All we know is that since late 2006 a little known company called Forbes Hewett has been has been paid over £410,000 by RBK&C.

The Dame hopes that further information will come her way. The comment section is a useful way to anonymously contribute.....


  1. So the losses continue to mount up. Consultants, lawyers, liquidators. An external enquiry rather than Palmer's whitewash is essential.

  2. This is quite shocking, I was laughing at the snobbery and silliness and waste, but now we are uncovering very serious incompetence at the highest level.

    Keep it up Dame Hornet, this is getting stranger and more alarming every day.

  3. Cllr Cockell and his Cabinet approved the setting up and funding of Chelsea Care. Cllr Buxton was the "champion" and responsible for signing off the business plan.

    Unfortunately all of these worthies have come up through the talking shop. They like the idea of "doing good" but do not have the first notion of profit and loss. They only know how to throw tax payers money about.

    Actually there is one exception. Cllr Cockell. He is a failed businessman. His company went bust. And he can't even blame anyone else - he was a sole trader

  4. When tings go pear shaped everyone gets into a panic and gets worried about their reputation. If they can get away with it they commission "cover up" reports to try and whitewash the situation (Cllr palmer was only too happy to oblige) and they parachute in any old rope to try and keep the show on the road (Forbes) while they figure out how to take cover.

    But transparency and FOI's is now the order of the day. Residents deserve an independent report into Chelsea Care. Its our money we are talking about.

    Its a tough world out there, Cockell. Time you wake up to it and stop troughing at taxpayers expense.

  5. Too many Cllrs in Hornton Street with not enough to do and too much money to spend.

    When the 2003 Local Govt Act introduced the possibility for Local Authorities to set up profit and loss companies, the dogooders and sychphants around Cllr Cockell immediately went into overdrive. What new train set can we build now? they wondered. They could not think of one.

    So (wait for it.....) they SET UP A COMMITTEE to try and think of something to do. After 18 months the committee was closed down because it could not think of anything to do.

    Then dogooder Cllr Buxton had a bright idea. Let's set up a care company! Its what we do in Local Government. "Gives me a warm feeling". Lets spend some money.

    Note to residents.
    This is not fiction

  6. Cllr Buxton put her reputation on the line when she sponsored the idea of Chelsea Care (funded by tax payers) to the K&C Cabinet.

    But it was Cllr Moylan who sat on the Board of Chelsea Care as the shareholder's representative and was therefore the guardian of the investment that K&C tax payers made. Our council tax.

    It was Cllr Moylan's job to blow the whistle when the business was not working and money was being lost. For three years he was starngely quiet. Either he did not understand what was going on or there was some other sinister motive

  7. Out of their depth. Blew another £1 million of council tax. But so what, its fun

  8. Good grief, what a sorry tale.

    And I think Moylan is capable of anything, including turning a blind eye if it benefits him in any way.

  9. The Dame should make an FOI probe and find out what Steve Forbes was paid for.

    Dame please do this and tell us the answer

  10. This is almost £100,000 per year for one man who is not even an employee of the Council. What on earth was he doing to earn almost as much as the Chief Executive's core salary? And did he go through a competitive process to get this "job"?

  11. 18.48
    The Dame is unable to do FOI's but she does encourage her loyal followers to do so and send her the results

  12. How clever of Myers and Cockell to persuade the liquidators not to announce Chelsea Care vast loss to residents BEFORE Norland....It might have slashed the majority even more.

  13. Yes SF was brought in to CC at the end of 2010 when the previous director resigned, presumably having seen the "writing on the Wall"! We were told SF came in to "rescue the sinking ship" BUT what transpired was to shut us down ASAP quietly/ secretly /with as little publicity as possible. Many unanswered questions. ex employee of CC

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