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Friday, 14 October 2011

The Guilty Men- Chelsea Care-less with our money

The Dame has decided to give greater currency to this comment from Another Who Knows. He has wisely said....

"The project was doomed to failure long before Cllr. Palmer assumed responsibility for scrutinising it. However, he(Palmer) insisted it was viable and then delayed producing his report because he could not find anyone to blame for the fiasco other than his Beloved Leader."

The lesson to be learned here is that whatever Cllr Palmer touches tends to go belly up in a spectacular way, and at great cost to taxpayers-and yet Sir Cockle has put Palmer in charge of Procurement! In the eternal words of ex Cllr and Worshipful Mayor Mr Phelps, 'you could not make it up'.....


  1. The Cabinet will discuss this subject on Monday 17th October. Someone needs to be hammered

    Lets wait and see what the silly Cockell does and how he handles the meeting. This man abuses tax payers money in every possible dimension

  2. I blame Palmer. Sugar was dead right about this clown. It could not even run
    The Dame needs to relentlessly pursue this buffoon and Court Jester to Myers and Cockell

  3. Palmer was chosen for the job because he could not really understand what it was all about. It is also clear that he put his name to a report written for him by the council officers. The losses have been substantially understated. No mention of the vast fees that the Council has racked up in setting up this 'bound to fail' venture. No mention of all the hours of wasted officer and member time. No mention of the liquidators and lawyers fees. Another brilliant success for Dear Leader and his well paid 'Chief Executive'.

  4. Cllr Mathew Palmer is a joke. A very bad joke

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