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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Sometimes readers have to indulge the old Dame when one of her charming readers writes in to tell of the shocking experience dealing with Bosch.
Nothing enrages the old Dame when hearing of  struggling OAP's being treated badly by unpleasant multinationals.

Herr 'Doctor' Steffen Hoffmann, the President of Bosch UK, likes to show off about the technical excellence of his German domestic appliances. His opinion is not shared by these discontented customers.LINK ! 

But go online and you will see a huge number of his British customers so fed up with the supposed ‘German’ quality of Bosch products they say they will never buy another.

Is German ‘quality’ a bit of a myth? 
For example, Vaillant, makers of central heating boilers, has an abysmal record compared to Baxi who make first-class products in dear old Hull.
In fact, a little investigation reveals that many ‘German’ products are made in second and third world countries. 
Herr 'Doctor' Andreas Meier, the MD of Bosch who flogs all this stuff must feel ashamed of the vast volume of online complaints.

But cutting to the chase....

One of the many thousands of the Dame's Kensington and Chelsea readers said buying an expensive Bosch dishwasher is a terrible investment for within two years manufacture it gave up the ghost.

The furious customer said even though Bosch recognised there was an issue they refused to fix the problem unless paid an amount that more or less equalled 70% of the purchase price.

So the lesson is this.... "Don’t buy Bosch: it’s a load of bosh and their excuses, like their washing machines, don't wash

If you are in the market for a washing machine then back this brave company, EBAC, in the North East who have invested millions in a washing machine line creating 200 new jobs. Link
We need to support British manufacturers rather than German companies like Bosch.


  1. Kensington Homeowner1 May 2018 at 12:16

    I had a Bosch washing machine....utterly useless. After three years it refused to haet up. Never again. If you buy German stick with Miele.
    I am afraid German technical superiority is no longer true; Korean white goods are so much better.

  2. Why do German management insist on using academic titles of only honorific value. Maybe Hoffmann needs to do some doctoring of his machines.

  3. NEVER AGAIN BOSCH1 May 2018 at 12:20

    What would we do without the Dame fighting for us all.
    This is my story of dealing with these German bullyboys.
    Bought a Bosch Serie 4 dishwasher about 14 months ago. Light use as we are retired - just the two of us and spend 6 months in France. Last week the heater function stopped working error code E:09. I called Bosch UK numerous times, but was kept waiting. On one occasion I hung up after 17 minutes. Today I got through after 14 minutes. Customer Service representative said minimum call out would cost £99 outside London. An online figure for a new heater around £99 on Amazon. She wouldn't give an idea of Bosch repair cost. At least £188 for a dishwasher used 273 times. Dreadful! Error E:09 is shown as heating element.

  4. In case the old Dame was telling fibs I looked up the TrustPilot reviews of Bosch products. In fact, she has been too kind to these rascals.
    This is horrifying

  5. Funnily enough, we have never bought a Bosch product and after this won't but I had a similar experience with a Miele vacuum. After a year I chucked and bought the domestic version of the's called a Henrietta...probably one of the Dame's names. Anyway, it cost £100 and is superb....and made in Somerset providing jobs for Brits

  6. Lord Portobello1 May 2018 at 12:49

    Oh, dear, it won't be long before the Dame pushes the story to the Daily Mail......something she tends to do!

  7. Roger Wharmby1 May 2018 at 12:52

    I recently purchased a Bosch Microwave which was quite expensive. whilst using the microwave for cooking it burst into flames and started smoking. we managed to put it out and called Bosch the next day.
    Bosch seem totally uninterested in sorting this out, they will try everything they can not to replace their faulty goods.
    Avoid this company and its products at all cost as it would appear they are dangerous and will not stand the test of time.
    i will close this by stating that our previous microwave although much cheaper lasted over 10 years, whilst this product was just over one year old.

  8. This is a bit of a divergence from Council issues but it's good that the Dame can warn us all to avoid Bosh!

  9. Resident of Earls Court1 May 2018 at 14:06

    Do not under any circumstances whatsoever buy an appliance from Bosch You will have the most appalling after service I've ever come across in the whole of my business life.
    I'm in business myself and if I promise to call a customer back I would do that even if I have no news. Just common courtesy and good business sense.
    Having waited 7 days after placing an order with Bosch UK I rang them up to find what had happened. I've now spoken to 10 different people whom I will name below, all of whom promised to ring me back, but never did. Even if you ring somebody back and say I've got bad news it is better than not calling at all.

    The people I have spoken to in order of contact are: Callum, laura, emily, rebecca (a very defensive individual), charlotte, sam, susie - not one of them ever rang me back as promised and I still have no idea when I'm going to get my appliance even though they have taken my money.
    ***Don't trust your hard earned money with these people they don't know how to do business.***

    1. @14:06 Are you sure you didn't ring the RBKC housing customer service? Your description sounds very familiar to when I need to call them.

  10. MIELE works very well and lasts and lasts

    1. Yes, dear, but we are talking about Bosch

  11. Doctor Hoffmann1 May 2018 at 18:20

    I am the President of Bosch UK.
    These people complaining about poor service should by Miele if they don't like our products.

    1. "should by"? -> should BUY.
      Is that Cllr Palmer pretending as the President?

  12. In our household, our sett in Holland Park, we have no such problems. All our plates are licked clean.... But on the subject in hand: SUPPORT BRITISH...

    1. We may try but it's not so easy to support British nowadays. The famous toy shop Hamley's is owned by Chinese more than 50%. Now Sainsbury's/ASDA will be owned by Walmart (US) and it got CEO singing "We are in the money" on camera. *facepalm*

  13. The Dame tells me she went to 'Chez Sett' for a rather grand dinner party and it was impeccable. She was delighted to gave the ex leader, Sir Merrick Cockell, on her left. Excellent Claret!

  14. Excuse me. Isn't this a website about "the everyday workings of RBK&C and those who claim to represent it"? What's Bosch got to do with RBK&C?
    Seems to me a visit to Farmer Bros is called for. The Dame needs a screwdriver as there is a screw loose in her computer.

    1. You are not excused!
      Were you an avid readers of the Dame's witterings you will know that occasionally she relaxes by tilting at abusive organisations and especially when the victim is an old friend like the Marchioness of B*********e
      And, yes, some, but not many of her dear friends are untitled.

  15. VIP treatment fit for RBKC8 May 2018 at 23:42

    Whip your credit card out if you need an assistance from a private police.

    Did you (or Dame) know that they trialed it in our borough? I didn't know this.

    "‘My local bobby’ – a private police force organization – is to roll out its services nationwide after successful trials in three of London’s Britain’s richest neighborhoods, including Mayfair, Kensington and Belgravia."

    1. I hope we can raise some funds to get them to arrest RFM, Piggy, RB, SJ and BM...pronto!

    2. Actually, private policing is not a good news. Commercial interest in the business means more corruption and they can hide behind the corporate identity and be unaccountable. Owellian indeed.


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