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Sunday, 13 May 2018


Dear Dame,

Super rich, super entitled and over here....
This morning, on crowded Brompton Road, an ultra-powered BMW was racing an equally high powered white Porsche. 
Their speeds must have been in excess of 90 MPH. 
Our pavements were crowded with parents and children waiting to enter museums. Had one of the drivers lost control there would have been a massacre.

The extraordinary thing was that the Porsche had KSA plates whilst the BMW was Qatari registered so perhaps they were playing out their desert battles on our streets.

For too long we have allowed these unwelcome visitors to treat us with utter contempt.
Late into the night and the early hours of the morning their ridiculous supercars shatter the peace and threaten our safety.
Beauchamp Place and Brompton Rd have been transformed into Shisha Pipe Land with waiters wandering the pavements bearing dangerously flaming charcoal. 
No issue with H&S if you are a rich Middle Easterner.....

The police and council are impotent in the face of these discourteous and insolent visitors.

Of course, they can drive as they like; unlike residents, their number plates are illegible and unrecordable.
Evidently, the council have talked to the various embassies but have been told to take a hike....and the Council and police have done just that.
Now we will have a barrage of comments accusing residents of racism. 

Please don''s just so boring.

This new council needs to stop talking and get a grip. 

Each and every one of these cars need to have temporary UK plates and certificates of roadworthiness before being allowed on our streets.It's time the Council pressured C. Government into taking action.
A fed up resident


  1. This is useless Willie Pascal's job so expect no action. Too busy counting he and his wife's massive allowance. £70,000 between them!

  2. Oh no, it's that summer season again where we'll start seing gold plated cars all lined up and racing through our streets. Police either can't keep up with them or that... again they are too rich to be arrested.

  3. Lt Cmdr Barry Phelps RN retd13 May 2018 at 13:22

    The useless Tim Ahern proudly proclaimed that the Public Space Order had resulted in 2 was a boy racer frim Leeds down for the weekend in his 1989 Suburu and the other was from St Albans. Tim, you really are a fathead!

  4. Mohammed bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz13 May 2018 at 17:25

    You British should shut the ***** up. We bring billions into your little island. Without investment from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you would be nowhere.
    There was probably my boy, Abdul, in the Porsche. So, he likes a little street racing? So what. Liven the place up.

    1. Prince Nom Nom13 May 2018 at 17:39

      If Saudi Arabia ceased exists tomorrow, 'they' will find another place or thing to milk it from. Anyway, we should discard oil and move onto FREE energy like the Ancient Egyptians had. Nicola Tesla had the right idea but snuffed out.

  5. Count de Linguine del Arabiata13 May 2018 at 17:48

    Isn't 17:25 the ambassador to Saudi Arabia. I knew the Dame 'reached out' in a powerful way but had no idea she was consulted by such eminences

  6. Indeed, the silly season, again. But, lucky us, they are here only for a few months a year, during their sweltering summer. The Arabian Caravanserei will be gone soon. just think of the money they bring with them.
    Solution: perhaps not a very practical one, but a temporary UK license might be the answer. Sit a shortened test, theory as well and practical one, to get it. After all, they come here carrying most probably fully comp insurance for their beasts, which they are NOT obliged to have at home. Insurance at home is not mandatory. They all come here and drive, as they are entitled to do, on their homeland licences. These are begotten without a test, on payment of a few Riyals/Dirhams/Dinars.
    Fining them is a joke. The small amount they pay, equals a tip to a car wash attendant. Those of you who are so, so vocal about this problem, I suggest you do as they do, go away for a while. To Italy, Portugal, Spain, Brighton or Hackney....

  7. 11.23 said it all. Here for a while, spending MILLION and gone for the next 9 months. This is nothing new. The answer: stop admiring these twits on wheels. Is RBKC going to do something credible about the problem? Possibly not, the laws re very weak. About the beats they drive? Bit of admirations, me thinks. None of you even dream of these vulgar beasts, let alone have the disposable income to buy and run one. They will be gone soon, thank God

    1. Vulgar beasts indeed. Makes loud noise to show off? 'Look at me' mentality, very shallow.


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