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Monday, 14 May 2018


So Dizzie Lizzie is claiming that under her leadership the Conservatives 'stormed to victory'!
Never has a council been found quite so wanting.
What a senselessly idiotic observation to make! 
Many of the present day problems can be traced back to the disastrous fourteen-year reign of greedy Sir Pooter Cockell.
Pooter refuses to allow anyone of any quality to flower; his insecurity was palpable. This is why we have such a lacklustre leadership team; all 'Pooter's Children"!

There was never a question mark over the result: not because of the dimwit's political prescience or skill but because it would take a political earthquake of cataclysmic proportions to bring about a power change. It would be as imbecilic as believing Tower Hamlets might go blue!


K&C residents voted on the basis of the devil you know....hardly a ringing endorsement and when the Grenfell Inquiry results are published the Cabinet members involved in the decision to use cheap cladding will be called to account.


  1. A little bird tells me that the Grenfell Inquiry have got the council in their sights. Yes the TMO will be criticised, but the buck stops at the council and it was their penny pinching at the behest of Feilding-Mellen that led to a cheap and nasty refurbishment that was not fit for purpose. By the way, Feilding-Mellen’s step-father has just sold a Botticelli for £squillions. Is this to pay for the lad’s defence to try and ensure he just gets an open prison, not the Scrubs or Brixton, where he actually belongs?

    1. It is closing in. The Grenfell Group is so determined, so organised, and so angry, that this event will not wither away because residents just get worn out by the usual stonewalling of Councillors and Officers. It will require more than one Botticelli to keep the reptiles out of jail.

      Remember that the Cabinet Member for Adult and Childrens' Services who rushed back from yacht racing in America to become Leader of the Council, was forced to admit in her car crash Radio 4 interview that she had never visited a Council Block in the Royal Borough.

      Sloane Square residents avoid the North of the Borough like the plague. Its dinner with "Wupert" and aging pop impersonator Taylor-Swift in Chelsea that makes Hornton Street go round.

  2. Retired Cheif Executive15 May 2018 at 06:55

    Do not underestimate Cllr Campbell. She is in position, loves the self importance, and it will take more than a thunder flash to shift the blockage. As my Chairman used to say: "they can be swinging from the chandeliers but if they are in position it is a devil of a job to get rid of them?.

    1. We did have a massive thunder flash called Grenfell. Must there be another in order to shift the blockage?

  3. Lord Kensington15 May 2018 at 09:46

    The filly gets my vote

  4. stormed to victory - storm on one of her hunny's yachts. The Inquiry has gained bit of a gravitas by getting two more panel members. Time will tell how effective they will be.. I agree, Horton Street is firmly in the sights of the guns...

  5. Friend of Richard Needham15 May 2018 at 17:28

    Silly cow

    1. I can think of something more fitting

  6. Th reason conservatives retained power is that people have been put off Labour by the dreadful MP Emma Dent Coad an her crass comments made since elected, and the terrible and arrogant campaign run by labour for local elections in the borough where they thought the answer to everything was to tell people don't vote for anyone but us or its a wasted vote

    Labour are to blame for not taking more seats as they were arrogant and due to the incumbent MP

    1. I would say that the Conservative campaign was bordering on harassment level. Voters were pestered to the point that they had to vote Con whereas Labour remained decent and courteous. No surprise there.

    2. Baroness Stoneleigh16 May 2018 at 11:29

      Oh dear a disgruntled Advance candidate speaks.


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