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Friday, 18 May 2018


Dear Dame,
Your tirades against the Council have often spurred it into action but sometimes we resident/leaseholders have to question whether we give the impression of being a bit over-entitled and bolshy for the sake of being bolshy.
For example, I attended a leaseholder meeting last night at Hornton St.
Doug Goldring
A new hope for leaseholders

The audience was confrontational, sceptical and in some instances unnecessarily  petty.... 
What a lot of grumpy moaners we seemed even though the Council had wheeled out some its big guns who bent over backwards to show that the Council had discarded 'it's react/don't proact' strategy and was promoting a complete system overhaul for repair work.
Kim Taylor-Smith seemed genuinely keen to turn a new page and the new Director of Housing, Doug Goldring, who left an impressive legacy at Islington,  spoke with credibility and commitment. 

Yes, the Council has let us down in the past but now might be the time to lay down our swords and work with a leadership keen to work with us.

A Leaseholder


  1. What leaseholder says may be right. And is exactly as it should be. But if it is not perceived to be so then it is mostly a waste of time. The secret magic that transforms the situation is called Leadership. From a person who knows how to connect up. How to inspire. How to be believed. Knows how to create an instinctive feeling of wishing to follow.

    Cllr Mills has these qualities in spades. Cllr Campbell is totally without them. This is the reality of where we have arrived at in the Royal Borough.

    1. Scribe, dear fellow. I could not have said it better myself.

    2. Scribe and Fly Swatter are you tenant/leaseholders in RBKC?

  2. Lord Kensington19 May 2018 at 07:24

    Here, here!

    1. Are you a tenant/leaseholder of RBKC?

  3. Dear A Leaseholder

    Were you by any chance the irritated, downward looking, denim clad 50 something man who arrived late, who couldn't find a chair and perched on the edge of a table and contributed nothing and spoke to no one - are you just an "observer" of proceedings.

    Why didn't you speak up and say what you thought at the time of the meeting?

    Please do not judge and belittle others, who have spent years and continue to spend many hour of their own personal time supporting and representing other leaseholders in their blocks, who from many years experience know exactly what is going on.

    Please do not be afraid to use your name, if you believe in what you say. Others that speak up are brave and do so in good faith.

    Unnoticed from the back of the room, behind everyone's backs, you photographed and judged the good people from every background and means in the borough, people who have been ignored, exhausted and over charged by some members of that panel for over 20 years.

    How funny that you completely missed the point, and have not mentioned that Mr Wood, Homeownership lead, was unable to talk us through the minutes, unable to chair the meeting and apologised for not doing his job as chairman that evening, this is the same man responsible for Homeowners services and service charges!

    What qualifies you to anonymously criticise other leaseholders?

    From what you say, you know very little about what is really going on.

    Grenfell 2017 - 71 "identified" people dead - The same TMO Homeownership team are still in place

  4. Please understand the situation before you pass judgement.

    I was also at the meeting, and have been to several others. I know the team. Have you followed and been part of many meetings over recent months? Your letter to the Dame indicates not.

    That evening very few questions were answered by the panel.

    To date we have given Mr Goldring every opportunity to carry out his duties and assist him in every way we can. We want Mr Goldring to be fully aware of what he his inheriting and also to see the relationships first hand.

    As you will note we are already being burdened with an excessive insurance increase, not of our making, and we are confident this will be revealed and undone through voicing our opinions at such meetings. We are also burdened with excessive voluntary work, whilst we contribute the panels handsome pay and gold plated pensions!

  5. Well said 9.14 and 8.14. Game, set and match.

    The Leadership of K&C has to change. The 18 "newborn" conservative Councillors have the power to do this. Cllr Campbell needs to be jettisoned and replaced by Cllr Mills. This will start the process of building a new mood and culture in Hornton Street. A culture that respects and understands residents and takes the lead from them

  6. Cllr Mills, or not. A 'serious - grass roots change is necessary'. What is the saying? Leopard does not change his spots... Particularly, as the leopard is getting on a bit and unable to adapt to the changing time. Let's see what happens next? Very little, me thinks.

    1. @Sad Badger, please keep up, wrong blog story!

    2. The Countess de Portobello19 May 2018 at 19:28

      I hear Sad Badger attended the Dame's Royal Wedding luncheon do and over imbibed

  7. This event is part of the preparations for the borough wide consultation on how us, tenants & leaseholders, want our council homes managed. It is an opportunity for each of us to contribute and make our voices heard. There are presently several sub-panels which you can join & on which you can have an active role, and more panels will be put in place in the very near future. That "The same TMO Homeownership team are still in place" is down to their employment contracts. Regrettable, perhaps, but entirely legal.

  8. On this the day of the Royal Wedding we should not forget that one of those behind this blog comes from a vile and hypocritical regicide family.

  9. Dizzy did an interview on Radio 4 news at lunchtime before she went to the opening of the Grenfell Inquiry "in order to listen". The silly cow has not learnt a single thing about politics, public relations, or representing residents. She is still in her Sloane Square bubble.

    In answer to a question, dizzy admitted that she has finally visited a N Kensington Tower Block. But only 72 of the 210 families who lost their homes have been rehoused. It is more than a year since the tragedy. "But we have spent £250m of reserves on new housing for Grenfell" the silly cow mooed.

    The Bishop of Kensington, in the same interview, said the the gulf between the Town Hall and residents is as great as it ever was.

    1. The Tory newborns need to get rid of this woman. Urgently.

    2. In this video, EDC questions where are all the 300 new properties RBKC has aquired. Good question! Also agree that survivors should be given the same assured tenancy agreement than a shorthold tenancy. Why should they be penalised to lose secure tenancy?

  10. Fly On The Wall21 May 2018 at 14:03

    I also listened to the interview. Campbell sounded very confident. She clearly thinks that she will be Leader for a very long time.

  11. Call To Action21 May 2018 at 17:34

    The 18 "newborn" Tory Councillors are at the start of their career. Your opportunity to "shine", to change things for the better, to make a difference, to be respected, depends on the "mood" of the Council and the culture in Hornton Street. Backed up by a Leader who commands the respect of residents and is not considered with contempt, disgust and ridicule. A Leader with these characteristics means that you, the "newborns" are wasting your time. You are tarred with the same brush.

    You need to vote Cllr Campbell out of office and replace her urgently. You have the power to do this. A few of the remaining old guard, enough of them, will join you.


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