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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


One of the Dame's brilliant ideas was to force council officers and councillors to spend three months working in the private sector. 
Officers are protected from the harsh realities of commerce and its rare for councillors to know much about business

Here's an example of how little understanding the council has of the pressure facing local business

A Chelsea shopkeeper was struggling to pay his business rates.
Instead of recognising yet another business was about to fold our very macho council sent in bailiffs replete with stab-proof vests and a video camera!


This is nothing more than gross and unnecessary intimidation of a small businessman struggling to stay afloat.

There is hope though.... new Courtfield Councillor Janet Evans (owner of Janets Bar) says she will champion our local tradespeople already struggling from  skyrocketing rent and business rates.
One of the Government's more absurd ideas was to allow councils to spend business rates to stimulate their local economy. They would probably just give it to Holland Park Opera or build another Exhibitionist Rd.

With many shops now boarded up and remaining empty- especially on the King's Road, is it not in the council's interest to support our local businesses rather treat them as cash cows?
This is what the Dame wrote last year about how business rates were decimating small community business   LINK


  1. Great to see a Conservative councillor looking out for the independent shop owners in the borough. Go Janet Go!

  2. Interested Party15 May 2018 at 23:27

    Janet is one of the Tory "newborns". Lets see what difference she makes.

  3. Business Rates are killing off small business and this seems to suit the council who will not lift a finger to help, they in fact said at a meeting about the matter that they were prohibited from becoming involved or assisting business and could not speak to the Valuation office as the council is a government office and could not interfere with this at all s they cannot speak to another government office .

    I know of several businesses where they have seen 110% increase in business rates under the new ratings and one person I spoke to has spoken to the Valuation office as their business had been affected by the loss of the exhibition centre and subsequent dust and 24 hour working . The Valuation Office told them they did not take into account such things happening and loss of revenue was not their concern and did not influence their decisions they based rates on what they think rental values are , they dismissed facts that business rents have not increased 110% and when the business owner told them they may not afford to stay open the Valuation office told the business that that was not their issue and that if they closed down another business would just take their place . Oh and warned the business that if they did appeal to consider that they may not get a reduction they could get in fact another increase

    Some councillors are helpful but on a whole the leaders of the council could not care less about small business.

  4. small businesses are NOT members of the posh clique, Dom Perignon swigging lot, and indulging in destroying the self-made traders. Absolutely right about the 'leaders' of the council. They are all members of the Cheyne Walk Clique, who could not care less....Long live the America Cup, I say

  5. Well good luck to Janet. Labour councillors have been trying to get reduced business rates for local companies for years. Maybe the promised culture change will now make this possible. But don't hold your breath. At the moment it still looks like "business as usual".

  6. My goodness the Dame really has a finger on the pulse Cllr Janet Evans declaring war on crippling business rates.

    "I am declaring war on crippling business rates Too many local Small Business Owners going out of business in Kensington & Chelsea @theresa_may This must stop!!" Wow!


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