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Monday, 30 April 2018


In the Dame's day, before English county names were tampered with, councils were pretty much de-politicised.
In fact, Independents often held the balance of power and a good job they did of it.

In K&C there are some excellent Conservative candidates just as there on the Labour side. 
However, there are utterly useless ones on both sides.

On the Conservative side, William Pascal and Mary Weale are councillors with appalling records when it comes to representing their wards. 
Interestingly two councillors who were first rate were Nick Paget-Brown and Tim Coleridge.
They always reacted quickly when contacted.
Weale and Pascal both draw £45,000 year allowances but offer very poor value.
In fact, Councillor Mrs. Pascal is also 'on the payroll'!

This, below, from a Stanley Ward resident....
Good Ward Cllr

Phantom Cllr

Dearest Dame,
I have e-mailed the Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor William Pascal, in the past two months and, despite his full time salary and support from civil servants, he has failed to respond or even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my e-mails.  

The Stanley Ward deserves better than someone who takes all of the benefits and gives nothing back.  The Labour Candidate Richard Chute has been working in the Ward to persuade voters to give him and the other Labour Candidates their vote this week.  I would be most thankful if you would get the word out that the good voters of the Stanley Ward should punish and expose Councillor Pascal for what he is: someone who is morally guilty of theft for not fulfilling his contractual obligations as a Councillor.

Richard Chute’s local campaigning has been sufficiently effective to persuade Councillor Taylor-Smith to cut his hair to look like a professional.  A Labour victory in Stanley might make the Conservatives buck up their ideas and realise that there is no such thing as a safe seat for the idle and complacent for the next four years.

Yours sincerely,
The Saint of Stanley.  


  1. I have contacted Cllr Taylor-Smith on a number of occasions and he didn't respond either. I don't know about voting Labour (!) but I will not be voting for the Conservative candidates, that's for sure. Such scant regard for the duties of office should not be rewarded by another ride on the gravy train.

  2. Is that the same Cllr Paget Brown who spent his whole time supping with property developers, let Cllr Feilding Mellen run wild at RBKC while 72 residents were murcered in their homes? Time to jog on, Dame, your no longer credible.

    1. Anon 08:45: Indeed, the same and one Piggy Man...Guess, still doing the same. But, I must correct you on your statement about the '72'.. depends how it is read. It should be 'while 72 IDENTIFIED residents were...there were many more, STILL UNACCOUNTED for, despite what the Police and the LFB may claim. Therefore, it would follow that many UNIDENTIFIED individuals perished. In fact, NO ONE will ever know. It is a very clever cover up. Repeated calls for the 'slogan' to include the qualifying word 'IDENTIFIED' has met with stone silence....
      In reality it should read: 'The inferno claimed 72 identified individuals; however there are many more who perished, who will never be identified'
      PROOF: Just ask around and they will name those still missing...

  3. Couldn't agree more! I wrote to Cllr Coleridge in May last year and never received the courtesy of a response. Why does the Dame continue to sound like a sycophant for these disgraced councillors and others?

    1. Don't be so patently silly!
      For the past seven years the Dame has mercilessly attacked the incumbent council and its leadership.
      What, may the Dame ask, have you ever done?

    2. I love it when old ladies get angry. Indignation in full flight. Readers of this blog should continue to prod the Dame. Good chance she will stay awake

    3. The Dame's Walker1 May 2018 at 10:42

      How DARE you provoke the Dame!!!

    4. I have corresponed with a Mary Weale and she replied to me, and solved my problem. Tim Coleridge always replied informatively and curtiously.

    5. Mary Weale, if you are going to defend yourself stop pretending you are some ignoramus who can't spell

    6. anon 13:32 - really, must be one in a MILLION. Good on you Mrs Weale.

    7. Though Coleridge was heavily involved in the demolishing of Marlborough school I did find him a helpful councillor.

    8. 09:05 The Dame like God Almighty is a fair old cove, she gives praise when its due. She can't give everyone six of the best all the time! It is the Dame who has kept this borough on an even keel, our lady Liberte of K&C!

      What do you give a Dame who has everything?

  4. What do you give a Dame who has everything? Love, affection and encouragement... neither of which you can by at Harridges...

  5. When I went to live in Stanley Ward in the 1980s,I remember there was a superb Labour Councillor, Timothy Bolton, whom we all voted for - Tory and others. Perhaps it is time tomorrow to really THINK of who will best serve local interests, and forget parties?

  6. Isn't he 70?


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