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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Hapless Cllr Campbell is announcing her leadership team tonight and it's well-paid jobs for the lacklustre boys and girls!LINK

Jumping with joy are husband and wife team Cllrs Pascal and Addenbrook. They can put any financial problems behind them now that they have hit the jackpot. 
That's the Eton fees sorted
Between them something in the order of £95,000 a year will be pouring into the Pascal household.



  1. This is disgusting...Faulks? Utterly useless. As for Mary Weale officers find her incompetent. Still good to see Mr and Mrs Pascal have looked after themselves.

    1. This is abominable. The insecure and socially ambitious Cllr Campbell has surrounded herself with the weak, and some minor gentry. Not a thought to resident needs and the quality in the Tory ranks.

      Dizzy is self interested enough to have taken a leaf out of disgraced ex Leader Cockel's book. "Understand the power of patronage and use it to shore up her position". The pathetic Cabinet is the first step. Watch for step two: dishing out Chairmanships.

      It will be a catastrophe of huge proportions if the 18 "newborn" Tory Councillors allow this scandal to proceed.

  2. RBKC Officer retd23 May 2018 at 17:11

    If Julie Mills sits back and lets this happen it will be a blot on her character. She should have been on that team.

  3. Let's hope the Grenfel Inquiry goes for them

  4. Dame, you are wrong to criticise Mr and Mrs Pascal and Mrs Weale. They are having a tough financial time

  5. EX Cllr Barry Phelps and one time mayor23 May 2018 at 17:56

    To think thick old Will would end up running the Rotting Borough of Kleptocracy and Corruption....who would have believed it!

  6. Mills brought in new Tory Councillors but unfortunately nothing has changed. Campbell has gone for her mates. Just a pity that the "mates" are a collection of airheads and bird brains. Faulks. Smith. Weale. Pascall 1. Pascall 2.

    Horrible, horrible, horrible

  7. Pascal is apparently 70, does he have kids at school?

    1. The Dames Investigator24 May 2018 at 07:48

      Must be his dad. He has 3 kids at school and the fees are crippling him. So the £90k of Council Tax that he and his broad are pulling in will be a great help.


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