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Saturday, 12 May 2018


A reader asked the Dame if this lot below were the post-election leadership team.

Can any reader help out? The belief has always been that post an election the majority group took a fresh look at the old leadership.

  • Cllr Elizabeth Campbell – Leader
  • Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith – Deputy Leader with responsibility for Grenfell response and housing
  • Cllr Will Pascall – Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Environmental Health, Leisure and Resident Services
  • Cllr Charles Williams – Adult Social Care and Health
  • Cllr Mary Weale – Communities.
  • Cllr David Lindsay – Finance and Corporate Services
  • Cllr Emma Will – Family Services and Education
  • Cllr Gerard Hargreaves – Planning and Transport

The Dame has always understood that there might be an internal power struggle as Cllr Mills sought to flex her muscles using her brood of new young councillors.
Maybe Julie has been seduced with some sinecure....

Two very obviously hopeless 'leaders' are lazy Weale and the very slow Willy Pascall.
Goodness knows what some of the smarter officers think of those supposed to lead them; for most councillors the only thing they have ever led is their dog
Pascall and Weale are notorious for indolence and unwillingness to serve residents; they should be kicked out.


  1. I fear that there is an element of truth in what the wonderful Dame says....apart from people like Freeman most have done nothing

    1. Cllr Campbell is telling friends: "they doubted me and I stormed back"

  2. It is quite incredible that more than a week after the local election this bunch of toads are still registered on the Council website as the serving Cabinet of the Royal Borough

    Dizzy Lizzie is in shock at the election result. She was braced for a near wipe out of the Tories (Cllr Pascall plus wife had packed their bags) but the formidable Cllr Mills had engineered help from Conservative Central Office and her small but powerful team put together a campaign strategy, messages, and an organisation that left nothing to chance. The Tories knocked on 14k doors compared with 2k at the last local election. The lesson of Borwick's obliteration (no organisation whatsoever) was well learned.

    But the biggest achievement of Cllr Mills was her tooth and nail fight to get rid of the old guard and replace them with a group of young, motivated, and determined Councillors. Mills did not get all that she wanted. But she managed to jettison half of the trash so that the new Tory line up is 18 "newborns" who are still dragged down by 18 of the old guard, including the absolutely useless, pointless, and futile Cllrs Weale, Pascall, Taylor-Smith and dizzy Campbell And Cllr Palmer, of course. But their time for the plank will come soon enough. One or both of the Grenfell Reports (from the police and the inquiry) will surely see them off. And some of them in jail too.

    1. Two new Councillors to watch (huge promise) in the Tory "newborns" are Cllr Walae Idris and Cllr Max Woodger. Cllr Marwen Elnghi is a terrific addition of quality to the Labour team and the exceptional Linda Wade (Lib Dem) stormed back in Earls Court with her personal vote - and what a hard working and dedicated public servant Linda is. As the lone Lib Dem Councillor she needs to find an alliance with one of the other parties so that she can better "access" the Hornton Street organisation and make change.

      Cllr Ian Wason is another of the Tory "newborns" for Campden Ward. He is supposed to have much needed financial expertise to replace the wobbly Warwick Lightfoot (recently struggling as Cabinet Member for Finance but now departed). Wason has absolutely no empathy with residents, is self obsessed, and clearly trying to find his way to Westminster. He needs urgent mentoring - perhaps one of the old hands (Cllr Freeman?) could offer him advice and assistance. But is he willing to learn? For the moment he is God's gift to humanity.......

  3. Everything is riding on the new group of Conservative Councillors. 18 of them.

    In the recent past, young Tory blood (Mosely, Akbar, Salisbury)
    has become fed up with the antics of the sclerotic ruling group. They gave up and moved on. Hopefully there are now enough of them (ironically, thanks to Grenfell) to make a difference. But they need to be careful not be bullied, seduced and smothered by the relics.

    1. "Salisbury"? There never was such a person in the Council

    2. James Cecil was a promising young Tory Councillor who got pissed off with the Tory High Command in Hornton Street and quit. James, of course, is a member of the illustrious Salisbury family, a true blue Conservative heritage. 8.47 is clearly a low life Hornton Street Tory who does know his onions.

  4. Glad to see the Dame is back now that the elections are over. Sad to see that so many people voted for twice weekly bin collections (never under threat at any time) rather than the Victims of Grenfell.

  5. Fly On The Wall14 May 2018 at 22:16

    The 18 "newborns" have a huge responsibility and opportunity to restore democracy to Kensington and Chelsea.

    They can listen to residents and connect up. And restore respect and inclusiveness to the Borough.

    You are a bright young bunch with little or no baggage. Go figure it out.

    1. Clear The Swamp14 May 2018 at 22:24

      Fly On The Wall ignores the fact that there are one or two old Tory hands in Hornton Street (eg Cllr Mills and Cllr Freeman) who could be helpful sounding boards and are respected by residents. The group of "18" would do well to give a wide berth to dizzy and her stooges - but they should not pass over the sound Tories

    2. The newborns should also watch Cllr Linda Wade at work and take a few lessons from her about how to be a fearless and tireless community representative.

  6. Person Familiar With The Situation14 May 2018 at 22:37

    Campbell definitely has a spring in her step. For some reason she reckons she is "safe".

    1. The woman was always deluded. And she gets fixated with role models like Thatcher and Blair. Look at the hairstyle and listen to her (a carefully crafted Thatcher copy), and her newest priority of "Grenfell, Grenfell, Grenfell" echoes Blair's Election address of "Education, Education, Education".

      Why does'nt the silly cow push off and make room for a more worthy person?

    2. The Dames Investigator15 May 2018 at 10:00

      Do not be mislead by the idea that the "Leadership Team" means anything or has any significance. The Borough is run by a Kitchen Cabinet of Campbell, Weale, Faulks and Taylor-Smith.

    3. Is Cllr Pascall not part of the Kitchen Cabinet?

    4. The Dames Investigator16 May 2018 at 14:46

      Cllr Campbell keeps Cllr Pascall at a distance because she knows that he is plotting to remove her and become Leader himself. Therefore he is not part of the Kitchen Cabinet. Dizzy is not very sophisticated and does not understand politics. Instead of trying to imitate the drama queens Thatcher and Blaire she should take a leaf out of Mrs May's book and keep her enemies and competitors close at hand. Just like May keeps Boris Johnson in her Cabinet.


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