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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


This is a transcript of the telephone conversation between ' Dizzy' Campbell and 'Foxy' Volpe and how the £1 million terrace got funded.

Tattooed Lothario! 

Foxy....."Morning, Dizzy, how you doing?

Dizzy....."Oh, it's you Foxy. What can I do for you? I am really rather busy at the moment........

Foxy......." Well, it's like this, luv....  I know you're not allowed to give us any more dough but I have come up with a real foxy way round things.

Dizzy.........." Oh, are so naughty...what's your little scam? Do tell?

Foxy............" Don't tell old Quirkey, darlin' but I need some nice entertaining space for our posh sponsors, Investec, to shake down some of their clients. 
Why don't you build it for me and we can pretend it's for proles in the Park? Smart, eh?

Dizzy............."Foxy, you are sooooooo naughty: I had better have a word with young Mr. Stallwood and see what he says.

Foxy............" Thanks, sweetheart, there's a bottle of  house prosecco with your name on it in the VIP bar!



  1. Lord Kensington29 May 2018 at 12:41

    Hilarious. The Royal Borough at its spanking best.

    Its who you know that counts - long live the aristocracy.

    1. Kensington, are you barking?

      This is tax payer's money that we are talking about, you prat.

  2. Clear The Swamp29 May 2018 at 15:06

    EDC has returned to form. Doing what Opposition Councillors are supposed to do. Holding the ruling Party to account.

    Dent Coad has done residents a service by exposing the ongoing abuse of tax paying money to subsidise Opera Holland Park. Now she needs to move in for the kill. It was on Cllr Campbell's watch the the Council set out to intentionally deceive residents that £1m was being spent on a terrace in the park for users. It was nothing of the sort. It is an upmarket, custom designed, foundation and grand entrance parade for the opera tent and associated buildings. Patrons no longer get their shoes muddy and stiletto heals can be worn with safety.

  3. Fly On The Wall29 May 2018 at 15:26

    Dizzy likes a bit of rough! We thought she was more interested in minor gentry and Ferrari drivers - but now the cat is out of the bag.

    1. It is a noble tradition in Chelsea. Sloane Square housewives, neglected by their City husbands, have always had an open door policy for well hung tradesmen. Even better with a tattooed forearm. Mix it in with a bit of Italian Mediterranean and one is onto a sizzler.

  4. Sprinklers for Grenfell or subsidy for Opera Holland Park? Where should the Planning Committee spend council tax?

  5. You silly prat 25:29: Opera of course.....

  6. House 'Prosecco' for EDC? Surely, she deserves much better. Don't be so mean. Unless, she can't tell the difference, than it would be just a waste of money to give anything better.

    1. The Prosecco is for dizzy, not EDC. Its EDC who has blown the cover off the whole scandal.

      Foxy is lizzy's rough bit on the side. Normally she would not touch prosecco ("too common dear, Wupert NEVER serves the Tesco stuff") but the poor dear is infatuated

  7. EDC is on message again. Well done girl. Hope you have left your bad habits behind.

  8. The Dames Investigator30 May 2018 at 10:30

    Readers need to be clear about what has happened. £2.7m of Council Tax has been spent on opera facilities to enable Investec, a City Wealth Management company, to entertain their clients in style.

    Cllr Campbell and her Cabinet are not fit and proper persons to collect and spend our Council Tax

    The Grenfell Action Group needs to bring these matters to the attention of the Inquiry.

    Note For Editors
    The Council approval report shows:
    £1.295m for Opera Structures
    £1.350m for Holland House Terrace,%20environmental%20health%20and%20leisure%20(may%202013)/kd04636r.pdf

  9. Clear The Swamp30 May 2018 at 10:32

    Now the truth is out. The secret report leaked by 21.52 shows that this "elegant terrace for public use" is a £2.7m expenditure of Council Tax - not £1m as reported by the Dame.

    In spite of computer generated images of a terrace area used by park visitors in the summer, widely displayed by Officers in the Park, the Planning Committee approval report states:

    "backstage support facilities for catering and reception"

    "picnic deck, a suitable ambience to provide entertainment for opera patrons"

    "a smart entertainment area for major sponsors and their guests"

    Hornton Street is peddling deception on an industrial scale. Cllr Campbell, the Leader, is facilitating all of this.


  10. Calling EDC to Action30 May 2018 at 10:34

    This is absolutely SHOCKING. It is quite clearly a major expenditure of Council Tax on facilities for Opera Holland Park AFTER the decision was taken by the Council to stop spending council tax on this frippery.

    And to make matters worse, Officers then post photos all over the place about the wonderful new sitting out terrace for park users which they describe as "a high quality public amenity".

    Lies, lies and deception. Who do these reptiles think we are?

    Cllr Dent Coad, please shake the bones and create an earthquake. No one else has the balls to make a fuss.

  11. Cllr Lady Faulks is Cabinet Member for Economic Development. Lizzy pushed out her boat with the dizzy words:

    "The brief will focus on connecting the opportunities created by the borough’s people, status, and location into tangible and positive outcomes for local residents."

    Quite so. Faulks needs to check out the whole Opera operation and start to recover some Council tax in the form of rent and rates. Some wealthy patrons and sponsors whose pips need to be squeezed.

    1. Lots of low hanging fruit for the Cabinet Economic Czar, Cllr Faulks, to pick. At enormous cost to taxpayers, the indoor/outdoor Cafe next door to the opera has just been refurbished. The most expensive stone paving, new tables and chairs, landscaping including new trees. Currently operated as a run down coffee and sandwich facility, closing at 6.30pm. The modus is emigres playing chess all afternoon and stretching out their single cup of coffee. But every evening there are 1200 patrons at the opera paying £160 for their seats. The cafe is well placed for an up market early theater supper (6.00pm to 7.30pm) facility. A plate of salmon or beef (£20) and a glass of bubbly (£10). At least 120 servings per night.....

      Come on Councillor. Get on your bike. Organise a temporary events license for the Council owned cafe, plus a liquor license, and find a contractor to put on the suppers. AND GET SOME RENT for hard done by council tax payers.

  12. this is a huge bloody shag of residents by Hornton Street and Volpe, on behalf of Investec

  13. After the huge council tax investment in facilities for the opera Cllr Faulks must sweat the assets and get some money back in the form of rent and rates. And also utilise the investment in the adjacent cafe, owned by the Council, to get some rent for opera dinners and drinks. All those new trees and hedges planted at vast cost to tart up the surrounding area and entrances to the opera is over the top. And the cost?????? £ millions.

  14. Now that is curious I distinctly remember her saying RBKC would not subsidise it. Having burnt through £200m in reserves, hiking council tax and borrowing the same how can we afford it? Perhaps she hopes we will promote her out of trouble to Westminster?


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