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Monday, 21 May 2018


Idling engines are killing Londoners, yet the useless 'Khan't do anything right'  who has ultimate control of the black cab trade does nothing.
An idling engine runs at minimal efficiency and throws out a spectrum of highly toxic fumes.

The London cab trade likes to tell us that they are ‘there for Londoners’.
What a load of bovine excreta!

Black cabs are the major contributors to the poisonous cloud that threatens the health of us all-especially, the very young and the old.

All of us have seen queues of black cabs waiting for fares with engines running belching out toxic muck.
When you ask them to cut their engine you get a load of abuse and non-compliance.
Even when they are running about town their poor maintained engines are polluting the streets.
It’s against the law for a vehicle to be stationary with its engine running yet CEO’s are not permitted to tell them they are breaking the law.

It’s time to banish black cabs from our streets: they are no friend of us Londoners; their fares are a rip off and they  slowly and surely poison us. 
The good news is that the new MOT will put a lot of these anti-social idiots off the road.



  1. Tell that to Lady Borwick, whose husband made and sold so many of those machine

    1. What on earth has this to do with the article?

  2. I have tried asking them to cut their engines and they get very aggressive

  3. Be Careful before you get rid of Black Cabs. I was a delighted owner of a Taxicard, giving ten trips a month at cost of £2.50 each. Moved to Oxfordshire, where disabled people are given NOTHING - we have to pay for much more expensive taxis to go to doctor, etc. There is a paying Volunteer car service, but they can only supply limited trips. Oh how I miss the cheerful Black Cab drivers who have to pay to have ramps and swivel seats installed, and who ALWAYS came to my door to offer an arm across the pavement. Never got that with Uber, Addison Lee etc.

    1. Sorry, for your convenience residents have to put up with dangerous exhaust fumes because they are too indolent to switch off engines?

  4. Don't vote Labour22 May 2018 at 08:00

    So Khan is ultimately responsible for allowing diesel black cabs to poison us.
    He's such a useless little prick

  5. Introduce electric cabs much sooner. In the meantime impose the idling ban. Is this not the responsibility of the 'Meter Maidens', aka 'Meter Hyenas'. The Taxi Card scheme has nothing to do with black cabs, as such. CompCab is the only company now participating in the scheme. I understand from the users of this service, for them to be happy with the black cabs. They are properly equipped and the drivers far more courteous than others.


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