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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


It's not just the Council leader who is disrespected'....
'Big Barry' Quirke, the Chief Executive also seems an object of derision by the driver of this RBKC van.


At mid-morning today, on one of the busiest streets by Harrods, a resident spotted a Council van parked for over twenty minutes on double yellow lines. Naturally, it created a serious traffic hazard

When the resident suggested to the driver he was breaking the law and creating chaos the driver laughingly agreed to both points.
He then told the laughing driver he was setting a very bad example and that he would be reported to the Chief Executive. The driver replied, "you go ahead" with a laugh

Maybe Mr. Quirke might like to suggest to the officer supervising this moron that his behaviour not only hinders traffic flow but sets an appalling example.
Eventually, the idiot driver, becoming nervous, moved his van to one of the many free spaces nearby.


  1. I was the resident who also observed this. The Dame fails to mention that there was a queue of cars being held up by this rude and insolent RBKC employee

  2. Retired Cheif Executive23 May 2018 at 16:47

    Incidents like this are very important indicators of the prevailing culture, standards and beliefs of the Hornton Street organisation. It is a failure of Leadership.

  3. New Cabinet to be elected by Conservative Group TONIGHT.

    Dizzy's patronage list brings in her kitchen Cabinet of Faulks, Weale and Smith, demotes Pascall, and continues with underwhelming Rossi into an unprecedented second year as Mayor.

    It will be a calamitous tragedy for the Royal Borough if the 18 "newborn" Tory Councillors allow this pernicious and corrupt initiative by disgraced Cllr Campbell to be endorsed..

  4. The van must have been collecting supplies for one of Quirkie's candle lit suppers - canapes and Don Perignon, dahling?
    As for 'Leadership' alluded to in 16:47 : WHAT Leadership? As someone had already said: RBKC are doing 'things' because they 'have to, rather than 'want to'.. A big difference.
    As for 'having to', a glossy 'Regeneration of Lancaster West' has been sent to all and sundry. This is obviously, only a temporary measure, to placate the resident. I remember that in the 25-year plan, it was planned to simply bulldoze the whole Estate and build nice, pricey flats; pushing the 'ethnically and socially inferior' resident out of the Borough.. North of England ,maybe. It may appear that things may have changed since Grenfell, or am I deluding myself? Any comments please?

  5. The refurb of Lanc West will cost at least £60 million but government and the council have allocated only £30 million. So it will be a quick spit and polish on the cheap, a bit like the Tower but hopefully without ensuing tragedy. And the leaseholders (whose flats are worth nothing now owing to Grenfell) will have to stump up £000s as well.

  6. There is no 'e' in Quirk

  7. unless he takes ecstasy of course.


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