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Sunday, 25 January 2015


K&C Police have been ordered to stop all newish Range Rovers being driven late at night in case they've been stolen.
The local police should extend the same interest to the supercars driven around the borough at dangerously high speeds and with excessive exhaust noise.
Most of these drivers ignore speed restrictions and irritations like pedestrian crossings.
Their anti social activities mean that at all hours of the day and night we are subjected to the thunderous noise of their ridiculous cars. 
The elderly and young families are especially at risk as these supercars  drive recklessly through our narrow streets.

Rod Abouharb, the talented PPC for Kensington, has suggested the speed limit be reduced to 20 MPH: it's not a bad idea. 
Driving at anything over 30MPH in this Borough is just idiotic.
Such a measure would reduce pollution, noise and the discomfort residents have to endure 24/7.

The Dame calls on the well regarded Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent O' Connor to start cracking the whip and use teams with mobile radar scanners to stop this menace.
Offenders could end up having their licences taken away: most are accelerating to well in excess of 70MPH.


  1. I hear good things about hard and cares about the area. Not like Rifkind

  2. My Mate The Builder25 January 2015 at 21:06

    Sounds like we have a PPC who is interested in the Borough and residents. Great. We have been waiting a long time.

    Nice idea to stop Range Rovers late at night. All super-cars with Arab number plates should also be harassed on a regular basis. Especially those that attract attention by noise, speed and stupid driving. Qatari airheads seem to have a propensity for such behaviour and they are not welcome in our Country

  3. Fed to the back teeth Tory25 January 2015 at 21:15

    At last Labour have got a top notch candidate in Abouhard.
    He is intelligent and though he may not will put up a good fight

  4. Time Ellie O'Connor Borough Commander dealt with this obvious source of dangerous and anti social driving. Go to it please Ellie

  5. Scared to cross the road26 January 2015 at 05:13

    Yet another car flipped over on a North Ken dangerous junction at the weekend; how long before somebody dies?

    Some residents have put up a petition on the 20mph limit for residential and minor roads used by lots of London boroughs including the City of London, you can sign up at local shops but online here:

    1. Silly idea. Why not ban cars altogether? Head back to the stone age. Pathetic people.

      God gave us eyes. Look before you cross the road. Death to the Nanny State!

    2. God also gave us all a brain.....apart from you! So you think a mother with a child in a pram is going to be a match for some idiot like you driving at 60MPH. You need to grow up

  6. RBKC's roads were designed for horses and carts, not sports cars. They are dangerous to many pedestrians. Drivers to do not have rights that override those on foot, whether of necessity or choice. Unfortunately I clicked on the link to sign the petition, but it didn't work. Would someone please check it out, so the Dame can repost it. Thank you.

  7. Scared to cross the road27 January 2015 at 10:52

    Apologies, copy this:

  8. The Dame has put up the link


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