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Sunday, 18 January 2015


If Genting, a Malaysian gambling group, walk all over local residents a monstrous blot on the landscape will become the site of a giant 24 hour casino.  This is what the multi billion dollar Malaysian owners plan...

Demolition of existing structures and provision of a casino (Sui Generis Use) with ancillary restaurant; facade improvements to hotel podium, associated landscaping, plant, car/cycle parking and other works. (MAJOR DEVELOPMENT)

The  Kempsford Gardens Residents Association has objected to this dreadful application for the following inarguable reasons...
* The site is quite unsuitable for a large 24 hour casino in what is a densely populated residential area.
* Cromwell Rd is already one of the most dangerously polluted roads in London. If granted, this massive increase in road traffic would exacerbate pollution.
* The 24 hour casino would cause great disruption by vastly increasing the number of pedestrians roaming in the area 24 hours a day .
*This is a land-grab (incorporating yet more green space that was meant to remain green space). 
*This ugly tower block already replaced a large garden square, and now the owners plan to steal even more open space. 
* This last remaining open space acts as 'lungs' for an area being adjacent to the Cromwell Road (A4).
* In 2006 two other nearby casino applications failed because of concerns over added pedestrian disruption and excessive traffic problems (parking,noise & pollution) .
* There are at present already 3 other casinos nearby.
* The development will add to demands on water supply and sewage system.
And finally....this building is already a blot on the landscape of Kensington and Chelsea: to extend it further would be madness.

Peter Harris, chairman of KGRA appeals to Mr Bore and the Planning Committee to turn down the application and prevent a further sleazy extension of the Holiday Inn


  1. Appeals to Mr Bore!!!! Waste of time

  2. Dear Dame , the objection letter you quoted is from one of our stalwart supporters who represents one of our sister residents associations . The proposed monster casino would be set in Courtfield Ward , and the local residents association of our area is Ashburn & Courtfield Gardens Residents Association . We thank all supporters of our cause for their objections ! Keep 'em coming , folks !

  3. The K&C Planning Council needs to get a grip. All kinds of rubbish people are coming to the Borough to invest their laundered money in things that corrupt and break up society like gambling dens. If they want to be welcome they should invest and donate things like hospitals, schools and prisons

    1. Cllr Warrick and Cllr Mackover need to be moved on from the Planning Committee. While they remain in place policy and conduct will be developer unfocussed. These two are no friends of residents - the people who elected them to represent their interests

      Trash persons

    2. Did anyone ever find out if Warwick really is a lawyer, or just a trumped up little opportunist?
      Also, whatever happened to Cockell's elevation to the peerage?

  4. We do not want dirty money and dirty profits in the Royal Borough

    1. Dirty money and dirty profits is exactly what our Council has been encouraging through their planning department.
      Council officers work for the interests of the developers and overseas investors, and nobody stands up for the residents. One of the reasons London is now the money laundering capital of the world is thanks to the tireless efforts of RBKC Council to attract dodgy overseas money to the borough.
      With up to 40% of new build properties being bought to be left empty as ghost properties by these overseas investors, there can no longer be any question about whose interests our council serves.

  5. Equally Anonymous19 January 2015 at 18:38

    11.32 is spot on. The laundering of dirty money is by far the largest industry in K & C as well as Westminster. All else stems from this simple fact.


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