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Monday, 26 January 2015


Is our Mayor(no, not the gardening enthusiast one here) going around the bend.
Instead of Johnson sorting out London's transport problems the motormouth spends most of his time travelling around the world having a larf.
One of his favourite things is to hang out with the super rich and super corrupt Qatari and other Gulf State despots. 
To quote the wonderful John Le Measurer..."he doesn't just have his head up their posterior....he has an entire apartment"

These truly ghastly people may not directly support ISIS, but they don't make much much effort to stop their people doing so.

So it's a bit of surprise to read in the Telegraph today Johnson suggesting we fund the Kurds.
It might be a better idea if this grovelling sycophant persuaded his Gulf State buddies to halt the financing terror groups.


  1. Wise up Dame. The guy is courting publicity and indulging his ego at taxpayer's expense as part of his campaigning to become Tory Leader. He is just going after publicity because he knows it is powerful. He is ruthless and deadly serious.

    But the press is exposing him for what he really is. Bit by bit. A charlatan is emerging.

  2. "charlatan is emerging" - Ha Ha Ha, only Labour loyalists can throw stones like this blinded by their loyalty to Millipeed

    1. Palmer woke up late today - and is back on the Hornet.

      As usual we see his little splodge deposit of juvenile mutterings.

      Poor fellow. But what a catastrophe for residents to be represented by such a nutter.

  3. Johnson's interest in the lives of ordinary Londoners has always been negligible. He's done nothing to ensure young working Londoners have affordable housing within a twenty mile radius of Piccadilly Circus. His office colludes with the Rotten Borough and their political friends in shipping out as many of those on average earnings as possible. No thought has been given about who will run our hospitals, the police and fire services etc when the last worker has left.

    1. Spoken like a labour supporter, no reality just drivel from the editorial of the mirror

  4. Not at all. One does not need to vote Labour to be aware of the very real dangers in excluding the "workers" from central London. It's economic common sense. The way it's going, apart from the ghosts of non-coms the only inhabitants of RBKC and WCC will be foreign maids living in super basements and dog walkers living in hostels.

  5. That expensive education and Boris was never taught to place his hand in front of his mouth when he yawns in public.


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