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Tuesday, 20 January 2015



Residents of the Royal Borough have a powerful and well equipped enemy. 
With billions at his disposal he is adept at building his fortune at the expense of our rare and much loved open, green spaces.

He is the Developer and his influence within our council is profound and worrisome

But he doesn't always have to win......

That was proven just a couple of weeks ago. 
A brave planning committee, in the face of bullying from planning officers, threw out proposals from the ubiquitous Candy brothers and the 'many fingers in many pies' Ritblat family, determined to destroy the much loved Odeon Cinema.

The Dame has just received another resident call to arms.
This time the threat is against a much loved open space in Nursery Lane W10.
If these developers get their way they will be thieving our children's open space heritage for ever.

This letter from Rosemary Pettit, chair of the Hammersmith Society needs your urgent attention and action.

Please read Rosemary's letter and support her and residents by signing the petition

Dear All,

Would everyone consider signing the petition to save the Nursery Lane site in North Kensington from development:if we don't we will be allowing greedy developers to steal our children's heritage.

‘We the undersigned ask the council to affirm the continuation of its planning policy not permitting the development of the remaining St. Quintin backland sites and to support their designation as Local Green Space in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan developed by residents.  We believe this action is urgently needed to protect the character and biodiversity of the Conservation Area.’

The background may be seen on the website and is as follows:

‘A great increase in interest from developers to challenge RBKC planning policy in finding land for luxury housing poses a major threat to the green spaces in our neighbourhood, which are vital to the character of our Borough.
Whilst RBKC has a history of communal garden squares, maintained by residents, the backland sites on the St. Quintin Estates have remained in private ownership. One such site is a former tennis club located at Nursery Lane, W10, which was converted to agricultural use after the courts were destroyed during WW2. The land, filled with beautiful mature trees (including weeping willows), shelters a variety of wildlife and is a green oasis to the homes and Sheltered Housing that surround it.

The Oxford Gardens Conservation Area provides clear protection for these remaining backland sites and planning inspectors rejected proposed housing developments on the Nursery Lane land at appeals in 1972 and 1982. Residents have worked with the St. Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum to develop a Neighbourhood Plan designating these backland sites as Local Green Space. A group of residents have also attempted to purchase the land to convert it into a communal garden consistent with its historical purpose.

We have been informed that the land has been purchased by a developer intending to build 21 luxury houses on it and fell nearly all of the trees causing irreparable harm to the character and biodiversity of the area. We urgently need the council to affirm the continuation of its planning policy for these backland sites and to support their designation as Local Green Space stopping such development attempts now and in the future.’

Every open green space that is built on increases the chances of other green spaces being threatened. Please forward to friends and neighbours.

Best wishes,


Rosemary Pettit
The Hammersmith Society

45 Bradmore Park Road
London W6 0DT


  1. Well done Dame....keep on kicking 'em

  2. Good luck on this. Like the Candys' rejected Duke's Lodge project, this seems to be another attempt to build over virgin urban land or gardens.

  3. This spot looks lovely. I did not know about it and will go and have a look at it. I suspect that the Council will side with monied interests.


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