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Tuesday, 27 January 2015


The police continuously underline the correlation between speed and serious accidents. 
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The only person who enjoys driving recklessly around the Borough is Cllr Palmer aka Mr Toad...judging from his fatuous comments.

We now have an excellent Borough Commander in Chief Superintendent Ellie O' Connor.
Listening to various councillors it seems Ellie has made excess speed and bad road manners one of her priorities. 
She has made the observation that it's not just overseas drivers who are guilty of speeding: residents themselves are as guilty. 
She is correct.....

It seems very odd that anyone would need a 120MPH plus car in what is, after all, a village!
Please sign  this petition and make our Borough more habitable and much safer SLOW DOWN TO 20 MPH


  1. For thinking residents, this is a no-brainer. We must all sign. The only cost to individual drivers is that on the rare occasions when they are in a hurry, they will learn to give themselves a little more time. This petition represents the future. RBKC needs far less super fast, sports cars and many more dual fuel, shared, car club vehicles. This policy will benefit everyone in the community.

  2. All very wonderful except that the actual hard evidence so far from Borough's that have imposed a 20mph speed limit (Islington being the logest standing example) is that accident rates go up and not down.

    This 20mph limit thing is NOT about road safety, otherwise accident rates would drop and not increase, so let's please stop claiming that it is.

    If it is what residents want for other reasons then fine, but public policy should not be based on a lie, after all that is one of the many things already wrong in our body politic.

    1. If what you say is fact based the explain why the Met don't agree with your facile judgement

    2. Actually, isn't the 20mph campaign based on the premise that a pedestrian hit by a car at 20mph is more likely to survive than one hit at 30mph? If so, the number of accidents won't decrease, but the number of fatalities will.

  3. Dear Dame, this is the Council PR dept at their very worst, twisting the facts, so depressing! The facts speak for themselves, so look at those and don't listen to paid fibbers.

  4. Speed and accidents is rubbish. Bad driving is the problem. This is a kill joy movement that is worthy of the flat earth society

    1. Are you thick? You think all the super car drivers tearing our little streets are good drivers...

    2. If that is the Council PR department, then they should hang their heads in shame over that illiterate misplaced apostrophe. Seriously, the speed limit is an extremely sensible proposition and should be implemented as quickly as possible before there are more tragedies.

    3. The grammar points its finger at Cllr Palmer


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