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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Kensington, Chelsea& Westminster Today has written a first class summary of the shenanigans surrounding Thamesbrook.

You can read all about it HERE
At a high level Council meeting that master of spin,( just joking...he couldn't spin a top), Mr Fitzpatrick overwhelmed his masters with a cunning plan to announce the public consultation during the Christmas holidays. 
Someone should have told FizzyPatrick old tricks like that are just soooo last year.
Anyway, here is the link to the public consultation.
When you read KCWToday you will see why it so urgent to make your views known
No council should be allowed to get away with such crooked dealings....

As one resident told the Dame, "This is yet another attempt to sell off publicly owned prime property to the cost of the elderly who need critical care."


  1. All but one of the excellent people who staffed the former Thamesbrook have now left the Council's employ - and three of the former Thamesbrook patients have since died. It makes no sense to move very elderly people unless absolutely necessary - which was not the case here - as so many then die as a result of their move.

  2. RBKC's cynicism knows no bounds. Only residents' publicly expressed anger can stop this Council's unspeakable greed. The wealthiest borough in the country seeks to sell the last refuge of its dementia sufferers. Even by the rotten standards of this most rotten of boroughs, this story is truly sickening.

  3. The Hornton Street officers, and compliant Councillors, are learning slowly that they can no longer manipulate residents and public opinion in ways that amuse their corrupt and bored lives.There are too many Councillors and too many officers with not enough to do and too much money to spend. And greedy for even more money from their property developer friends and masters.

  4. Of course the consultation is totally flawed, it does not allow anyone to express an opinion that the home should be renovated and reopened so it is completely worthless. No doubt the likes of Stella Baillie who engineered the closure of the home is behind it. As we all know, legionella does not occur in drinking water.

    1. Actually in a rare consultation boob Option 1 suggests just that. Please fill in the questionnaire and select Option 1!

  5. Lies and the lying liars who tell them = RBKC.


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