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Friday, 23 January 2015


The Dame has just received this
puzzling missive. She normally won't
have 'toilet talk' on her little site,
but this was just too intriguing.
What can this chap mean?

Bollocks Bollock

(47 minutes ago)
to damesathome
ask members of the planning committee about rocks behind the scenes work as cabinet member and square it with his job as ward cllr


  1. Dear Dame, why does Palmer hate Rock FM so? It is quite a mystery - unless it is to do with the mutual loathing that arose after Palmer 'made Rock lose his seat' in St Charles.

  2. the answer.
    I fast tracked young Rock as I like the idea of mixing with Lords and Ladies( and as I won't become a Lord I want to be close to one)
    Anyway, the pest Palmer wanted to be in the Cabinet, but even I realised that having more fools in not a good idea.

  3. This could be a serious lead for the Dame to follow up. Rock is massively conflicted by his job on the Council, his job in the Cabinet and his job with his loss making Planning Advisory and lobbying company. He badly needs to make a go of his entrepreneurial effort (everyone except him knows that it is doomed) and his dabbling in K&C property schemes is massively smelly

    1. Dame, is Ludo available to do some sniffing?

    2. Which schemes is he dabbling in? Obviously someone knows, why not give Ludo a lead?

    3. Ludo is in SA dealing with some personal issues at an 'in between house'

  4. It would be helpful if Cllr Palmer could start briefing against Cllr Rock and lay off Cllr Borwick.

  5. Tory councillors now seem to be tearing into each other with their bare teeth. Blood on the carpet etc. Excellent. However, the specially woven and highly expensive carpet in the mayor's parlour, in an exceptionally obnoxious shade of blue, may yet prove a decorating faux pas. Getting blood stains out of virulent blue wool is not easy. It looks so last millennium, just like this council.

  6. The carpet specially chosen by the vulgar Dr Jonathan Munday - who is now standing as a UKIP candidate.


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