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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


The Dame hears of rebellious mutterings down at the Chelsea Society.
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The chairman of the Council is the charming Mr Greenish.
Mr Greenish and his Council took a unilateral decision to recommend the  Fire Station in King's Road as the Crossrail site.

This has gone very badly with many members. 
They felt it to be a subject of such import it should have been discussed and voted on by all members.

Mr Greenish is a chap who likes to hurry things along and that means bypassing the rank and file. 

He needs to be a bit careful: many don't like his idea of keeping them out of the discussion.
Non members also complain that the Society has been trying to claim credit for the new rules on basements when the main driver for change was the delightful Terence Bendixon.


  1. The Chelsea Society has been unhappy with itself for a number of years. The high handed Chairman does not understand that a Society is just that - a collection of members and the Chairman needs to understand the middle ground.

    Greenish loves himself, loves to puff, and is really a very self important fellow. But enough is enough.

    The Kensington Society is a good working model. Chairman Amanda Frame is also impatient for change and goes out on a limb. But she carries her members with her. Greenish should take a Master Class or push off. Because at the moment he is a pain.

  2. So many people have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and claim credit for the basements change. Mr Bore could not get an email out quickly enough to thank those who "supported him". Now we hear of some obscure chap called "Bendixon" who thinks that he was the main driver. And so it goes on.

    The only person, it seems, who has not jumped forward to claim credit is James Thomson who was the person who started it all off and struggled for years against sleepy Councillors and the obstructive Planning Department in Hornton Street.

    It is time for the insects to crawl back under their stones.

    1. Even the useless MP Rifkind wrote to Kensington Tories to tell them about "his success"

  3. The Chelsea Society is moribund and due for a refreshh

  4. Still it's useful for Cadogan to have their tame lawyer embedded in the CS....but the question is....does he fight for Lord Cadogan or the poor bloody residents

  5. Robina Rose - currently our Green parliamentary candidate - fought RBKC's lack of policy on basements for years - long before the scandal became public. Our much vaunted new policy in fact provides little protection. For instance no consideration is given to flood risks, from ground or surface water; nor to the long term effects of so many concrete basements dug into clay. The prospects are not good.

  6. James and Margaret Thompson did all the work and they alone deserve the credit; they did everything for us and all we had to do was lend them our support.

  7. Great that we have a Green candidate and good that it is the excellent Robina - but the only way to get Rifkind out is to vote Labour. The Lib Dems are a busted flush and votes for them and Robina will only split the opposition and let him keep his seat.

    1. You are wrong. The only way for the Borough to get shot of Rifkind is for the local Conservative Party to deselect him. The way it would be done is for the Chairman ("The" Lord Carrington) to have a quiet word in his ear.

      Unfortunately Carrington is part of the problem and Malc knows how to flatter the inner circle. In history this known as a decayed and rotten regime. Unfortunately democracy does not work in a monopoly. So the poor residents may have to wait for the grim reaper himself.

      It is the Kensington "Mugabe situation".

    2. Or - vote Labour and get rid of him. I rest my case.

  8. Sir Malgabe Rifkind. It has a ring about it.


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