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Friday, 23 January 2015



A well known and influential resident-who will be nameless, dropped the Dame a note reminding her the Chelsea Society had form for collaborating with the Council.

For example: during the battle to save Sloane Square from becoming a cross roads, the then chairman, David Le Lay, gave vocal and active support to Danny Boys Moylan's hellishly vulgar scheme. 
Le Lay is a weak man and putty in the hands of Cllr Moylan....
Not being satisfied with that piece of odious sycophancy Le Lay went on to support Moylan's other plan to Brummify the elegant King's Rd by replacing the much loved black cast iron lamp posts with the hideous silvery coloured monstrosities that now pollute the Road.
Moylan,now with the support of the Chelsea Society, had the bit between the teeth, 
He persuaded the powers that be at the Society to scrap the beautiful green 'heritage' litter bins and replace them with stainless steel bins mounted on the awful new lamp posts. Having been made in China it's no surprise they leak, as well as being too small for any practical purpose( one wonders about Moylan's interest in things Chinese....marble etc....

Finally, Moylan coerced the Society into agreeing to remove the attractive black "heritage" bollards and replace them with new stainless steel bollards if there were a demand to reinstate them (stopped), and (iv) to remove the attractive dark green wrought iron benches and replace them with new "Scandinavian style" steel benches (stopped). 

Michael Bach wrote a dreadful piece in the Society's newsletter praising this as a welcome "decluttering" scheme. As Bach is normally on the side of the angels one assumes Moylan simply manipulated and misled him. 
MISARA objected strongly to all 4 parts of the scheme, but credit for getting half of it stopped goes to Doctor Gordon Taylor.

Moylan also persuaded Terence Bendixon(normally an archangel) to support the Sloane Square cross roads scheme, goodness knows how................ 

And then when Le Lay stood down he was replaced by Stuart Corbyn( ex CEO Of Cadogan Estates) without any consultation or democratic process, but simply on the order of Lord Salisbury. 
Doctor Thompson, who was hoping to stand as a candidate, was  sidelined.

As the Dame's friend said, " I refuse to join the Chelsea Society whilst it's run in this way'


  1. The man knows no bounds. He bullies everyone within reach and his cowardly colleagues stay silent. Another of his schemes will eventually cost lives. In his dislike of street furniture, he ordered the removal of the traffic lights at the junction of Kensington Park Road and Elgin Crescent, to be replaced by a mini - roundabout. So a few days ago at 6pm in the dark and wet a woman with a baby in a buggy were knocked down by a car driven straight across the junction. Fortunately both survived, but it's only a matter of time. Similar accidents occur all the time. Residents will doubtless eventually bear the cost of replacement lights. At every level the man is a menace.

    1. Moylan's private opinion of the Chelsea Society is unprintable. But of course he used them. Throughout history the devious have manipulated the stupid.

  2. Another first for the Dame. She turns stones and shows what is underneath. It sounds as though the Chelsea Society is another little rats nest infested with bombastic bullies with small minds, tiny characters and absent brains. When stalwarts like James Thompson and Dr Gordon Taylor take up the mantle it is a sure sign that the Society is rotten.

  3. Michael Bach is ambitious and feels blocked by Chairman Frame at the Kensington Society. Could it be that he was trying for the Chairmanship of Chelsea?

    1. The Borough is too small for two Societies. They should merge. It would be a more effective influence on Hornton Street. In fact it should be a takeover by the Kensington Society. That is where the track record lies. All we see in Chelsea is a collection of third rate egos puffing. And not even puffing effectively.

  4. D Moylan
    He crapped in Kensington High Street
    He crapped in Exhibition Road
    He Crapped in the Kings Road

    1. Chelsea Resident24 January 2015 at 09:35

      James and Margret Thompson stopped him crapping in Sloane Square too. Phew.

  5. This is an old picture of Cllr Moylan. The Dame needs to get up to date.

    1. THE DAME'S LIBRARIAN24 January 2015 at 15:48

      Cllr Moylan if you wish the Dame to update her stock photos would you kindly email one to her address. The last one you sent wearing PVC was quite unsuitable for publication

  6. I think the Dame has deliberately chosen a portly photograph, she is no admirer of vanity. And of course it will annoy Moylan, which is a bonus.

  7. It's far too little and far too late for Moylan to try to reinvent himself. Every morning for decades he's stood in front of his mirror to practice that smirk. Now he's stuck with it.

  8. Lately Boris has distanced himself from DM. One wonders why.

  9. More evidence of the Chelsea Society being in cahoots with some of our vainglorious councillors lies in their support for Crossrail 2 passing through Chelsea with a station on the site of the King's Road fire station. Did they discuss this monstrous proposal with their members? No. Did they even debate it within their committee? No. Their mission is the preservation of the character of Chelsea yet they acquiesce in the Council trying to persuade TfL to spend an extra £1 billion to cover us in concrete.

  10. How unfair of Hornbill! Our councillors tried very hard to get the Crossrail station moved to Lots Road so that they could use it as an excuse to demolish the Cremorne Estate. When Crossrail got irritated at this manoeuvre, they hurriedly reverted to the Fire Station, because if it does not go on that site, then there will be no station for Chelsea on what was once called the Chelsea-Hackney line! Just as there will be no Portobello Crossrail station, despite all their wild promises.


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