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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


And on the subject of greed..... the collapse in the price of oil may have seriously damaged the financial health of our London MEP,  'Doc' Charles Tannock. 
The Doc, a one time psychiatrist, managed to get himself on the board of an interesting little shale gas exploration company, 3 Legs Plc.
Part of his package was half a million quid's worth of share options. 
The Doc did not declare them. Sadly, for him the Dame found out and tipped off the Sunday Times(no, she got no brown envelope) who did a double pager.
In no time at all the Doc went all legal threatening dire retribution. He even went to the PCC who chucked out every one of his whining complaints!

Now here is the point of the story....

The Dame wants to know whether the Doc ever realised his options. 
If he failed to do so he would be down half a million quid. 
Why? Well, look what's happened to 3 Legs's share price...
Luckily, the Doc can self treat for the depression he must be going through....unless, of course, he exercised and flogged the stock on the 'highs'. Ludo, now working as a trainee broker analyst is 'on the case'......

From the Sunday Times....
"A frontbench Tory MEP secretly received share options worth up to £500,000 from a controversial “fracking” company but failed to declare them to the European parliament.

Charles Tannock, the Conservative foreign affairs spokesman, consistently claimed he was “unpaid” by the company, 3Legs Resources, based in the Isle of Man.
When the parliamentary authorities were alerted to the MEP’s secret options they found there were no clear rules to deal with such a case.
It highlights the lax governance in the parliament which critics fear will lead to further scandals, despite recent attempts to reform the rules.
3Legs was set up to extract supplies of shale gas and oil in Europe using the contentious hydraulic fracturing method, nicknamed fracking. 
Critics allege the technique pollutes water with carcinogens.
Tannock, a psychiatrist turned London MEP, declared his position as a non-executive director but failed to mention his lucrative share options."


  1. Andrew Lamont-Phelps14 January 2015 at 23:28

    Didn't the wanker try to sue the old Dame?

  2. Grubby little fellow. One time Cockle acolyte on the make.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The Dame agrees with you, but being an MEP the Doc can afford classy solicitors to pursue her. For this reason the comment had to go.

  4. Conservative free-market values in action.


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