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Sunday, 19 December 2010

WestEnders Christmas Special, Part 2

...and the panto continues...

Quentin Aladdin had arrived at the Town Hall as agreed and climbed the stairs to meet the mysterious stranger. He turned the corner and entered the Deputy Leaders office and there in front of was Abananzer Moylan who ushered him to a chair.

"Ah yes Aladdin, I have a nice Special Responsibility Allowance for you, if you do me one little thing" he offered him a tray which had various slices of cheesecake on, Aladdin declined the dessert and enquired what was it he had to do.

"Simple" said Abananzer,"climb down into the Cave of Wonders and retrieve me the magic Lamp". Aladdin was surprised it was so easy, and agreed. Abananzer then took him in the Bentley to where the Cave of Wonders was located to begin the task.

Dorothy had just left the little people of North Ken to go to Hornton Towers in Oz to try and stop the Academy being built. She hadn't got far when she noticed a chap in a rather dishevelled crumpled brown suit, unruly hair and a rather brusque scowl on him. "Hello" she said, "I am Dorothy pleased to meet you"

The chap turned to look at and brushed his hair back "Oh hello, I am Scarecrow Buxton from Earls Court, where are you going?"

"I am going to Hornton Towers in Oz, to try and stop the Academy" she said. The scarecrow then said, "Do you think they will be able to give me a trouser press?". Dorothy told him it was worth a try so off they skipped together.

The Bentley screeched to a halt in a place Aladdin had never seen before. There was a small opening in the distsance he could see, and Abananzer told him to go inside, climb down and get the lamp. Aladdin approached the entrance and carefully lowered himself down into the Cave of Wonders,

It was a dark and dingy descent, there were cobwebs all over but Aladdin persevered until eventually the entrance became a distant dot as he reached the bottom. He crawled through a small gap and found himself inside a vast chamber full of sparkling gold coins and letters in envelopes. He picked up one of the letters opened it saw it read "Local Tax Demand" and had been stamped "paid in full", he then realised he was staring at the £250 million reserves truly a cave of wonder.

Aladdin had forgotten what Abananzer had told him in the Bentley inbetween the G&T's, he was not supposed to touch anything except the lamp. He realised now why as the ground began to shake as fire flew up out of the cracks. The walls and ceilings started to cave in. Aladdin spotted the lamp and darted towards it, just as the cave of wonders started to turn into a crumbling inferno.

Dorothy and the scarecrow were almost at Hornton Towers when they happened across a fierce lion. He roared at them forcing the pair to stop. "Hello" said Dorothy "We are going to Oz to try and stop the academy and get him a new suit" she added pointing to the scarecrow.

"I am a mighty lion and you are just worthless oiks" said the jungle beast "Do you think in Oz I will be able to get some new Coates?" he added. Dorothy and the scarecrow both agreed it was worth a try and the three of them continued the journey.

They reached the gates of Hornton Towers and walked in...

Dont miss the final episode of the Westenders Christmas Special......

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