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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Lessons learned on new academy project

Our Dear Leader's pet project, Holland Park School, is a lesson in itself about how NOT to run a multi million pound project that no one but Sir Cockle wanted. Predicated upon flogging off much loved and desperately needed playing fields to sharp suited developers, the scheme seems to be coming apart at it's dodgy seams.

The Hornet's 'man in the hard hat' speculates that the contractors, Sheppards, have now got through FOUR site managers.Worse still,it is vastly over cost and much behind schedule.

The majority of residents never ever had any doubt that the new school was unnecessary. Worse, they were horrified at the selling off of the playing fields to build luxury flats for mysterious billionaires coming from overseas to make a quick buck.

The cynics, of course, always believed that Sir Cockle believed his vanity project would get him to the Lords: oh well, back to the drawing board for that project.

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