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Thursday, 9 December 2010

TFL Complaint falls on deaf ears

A few months ago 14 major RBKC resident associations wrote to the Boris "BoJo" Johnson, Mayor of London and The Dear Leader complaining about the blatant conflict of interest from Boyo Moylan combining Deputy RBKC Leadership and Dep Chairmanship of TfL. 

The letter detailed the blindingly obvious areas where Boyo was conflicted. Unsurprisingly, Dear Leader sprang feebly to the defence of Boyo, whose twin taxpayer funded jobs pay him well over £140,000 a year. Of course, there was mutual self interest:Dear Leader's comfortable life style too depends upon you paying him a big Wedge.

When one major Resident Association wrote to Dear Leader asking how he was going to tackle the conflict Dear Leader had the cheek to write back suggesting that some of the Resident Associations had not signed up to the letter ! 

When asked which all Dear Leader could come up with was one 'mini one' run by the Earls Court loser, Mr Spalding. Good try Sir Merrick - but pretty lame even for you!

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