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Saturday, 18 December 2010

Let them eat Cheesecake

The other night there was a Special Cabinet meeting to push foward the £22m cuts for 2011/12, including the first tranche of redundancies adding up to 150 teachers, librarians and social care workers. As they sat and listened in shock as their jobs were being cut, one of those present seemed remarkably detached,relaxed and insouciant.

Coming from a working class Birmingham background one would have thought Cllr Boyo Moylan would have empathised with these powerless people about to lose their livelihoods at Christmas. How did he do to show his solidarity? He lounged about chewing gum,fiddling with his Blackberry and riffling through (probably an exotic travel) magazine during the entire meeting.

Though of course with the £140,000 a year he is raking in from us London taxpayers he is insulated from the 'cuts' hardship and is doubtless looking forward to exotic Thai nights at Christmas.

Dave Cameron is telling us that we all need 'to share the pain' and 'we are all in it together'

It is a pity that he can't persuade Boyo to pretend to the same degree of 'caring'


  1. Maybe the speech from the union rep should have mentioned the black Chinese granite for Exhibition Road - perhaps that would have provoked a response. Nasty Nick didn't way anything either...

  2. agreed the Unions are as pathetic as the Minority Group in not craeting merry hell. So the granite for Exhbition Rd not only deprives the British quarrying industry; it sucks money away from RBKC frontline staff;causes global warming through transport from China an dcreates slave work for China's political prisoners


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