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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Best things in life are three

The Dear Leader has had a bit of an annus horribilis. They say it comes in threes, first was his friend and neighbour Malcom Independent-turned-Tory-in-a-matter-of-minutes Spalding failing to win in Earls Court despite being Tried and Tested, and then it was being overlooked in the honours list and having to settle with just a Knighthood. Whatever next?

Sir Cockle has been in a massive sulk ever since La Baronessa Ritchie slid quietly past him and snitched what he thought was to be his place in the sun. But Hornet has learned their is a light at the end of the peerage tunnel and all is not quite lost. He has been reassured by a promise from Dave.... And it's a promise that has bought a smile to Dear Leader's chubby cheeks and a spring to his step.

Dave said words to this effect....'your trips Business Class to New York, Boston etc and $200 dinners with
'forgotten' guests screwed up your chances last time:in any case you don't know glam people like La Baronessa. But I am giving you another chance....force through the merger between the Royally Rotten Borough, Go Getter Greenhalgh and Westminster Barrow Boy and I promise that you will become Baron Cockle and join the Baronessas Ritchie and Hanham with all the perks you can lay your hands on'

Dangerously, Sir Cockle has been boasting of this 'light at the end of the peerage tunnel.'

Now there are the glimmerings of a Leadership Battle Royale. Hot favourites to stand are 'Oirish' Ahern, and 'Nasty''Nick' Paget-Brown despite him still living at home, outsiders include Julie "The Brief' Mills if she find someone else to carry Moylans bags and an unknown, Cllr Elizabeth Campbell over in Royal Hospital.

The sophisticated Cllr Campbell distinguishes herself in an unusual way. Hornet has been informed by a number of her colleagues and others, that she lacks some peeple skills. It looks like they all briefing against her using the Hornet. However, Hornet will be reserving judgment on this one and reporting later.

Hornet is looking forward to the Group AGM and the run up to it Also indications from the other two boroughs in the menage a trois suggest that it will not be a 'shoe in' for Dear Leader and should Dave give in to Sir Cockle's whining there will be trouble ahead. (By the way, Cllr X that story about la Baronessa being the heir apparent as Leader is clearly a non runner but thanks all the same.)

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