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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Palmers Office, Knock before Entering

Some insolent council colleagues of Cllr Palmer(and no, they are not all members of the Minority Group) have been cruelly ragging Cllr 'Bunter' Palmer.

Cllr Palmer (the one who forwarded on some political matters to the entire list of councillors, including the opposition) is not known for his subtlety or courtesy so it was no surprise when puzzled councillors found that he had taken over the Members' Room and was using it as his personal office-or so it appeared from the newly erected sign on the door announcing.. "Councillor Palmer's Office-Knock before Entering"

The Bunteresque councillor...even had tea and biscuits delivered by one of the Council staff .Though likely to be an exaggeration Miss Hornet understands that there was quite a scene when the poor man bought some inferior digestive biscuits, rather than the more tempting chocolate chip cookies he is partial to.

Fortunately, some of the more robust councillors took exception to Bungles grandiosity and applied the proverbial boot to his ample posterior.

Needless to say the sign was erected by one of the more mischievous members and Bungle has sworn to get his revenge..."

Hornet bets they are worried now!

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