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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Silver Service Boycott is no solidarity

Hornet is a trifle depressed.

When she heard the news that the post council silver service 10 course dinner, accompanied with Chateau Haut Palmer and other fine wines, was to be cancelled she understood Sir Cockle had magniminiously ordered it to show solidarity with staff facing the loss of their jobs.

Hornet has now been told that the genesis of Austerity Measure was not quite as it was promoted. Oh no.

Hornet has now been told that the Labour Group were persuaded that this sort of troughing - so loved of Dear Leader what with his trips to NYC and the like, sent out the wrong message and thus decided they would not attend. When "Oirish' Ahern and 'Boyo' Moylan heard on the grapevine that the boycott was planned their reaction was instant. The dinner was cancelled the day prior....

So no cheesecake then!

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