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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Not quite a christmas present

Those of you who know Hornet will know she always looks for the good in people: she can't help it;it's the way she is. So when she read a message from 'Nasty' Nick Paget-Brown, our none too capable Transport Supremo, she thought that 'Nasty's ex community drama expert, had come up with some excellent festive ideas to boost retailers revenues in these dark days.

Sadly, she was mistaken.She knew Dear Leader's Wedge card was destined for the dustbin of Borough history at a cost of well over £150k so when Nasty told her "Parking restrictions are due to be eased over the festive period in Kensington and Chelsea." she assumed that there would be a massive parking de-restriction to try to boost the coffers of hard pressed retailers. How wrong she fact all that greedy old Nick is
proposing is that they be eased on Christmas Day and Boxing day...some cadeau.

So not completely disheartened she looked at his other message "I would like to congratulate everyone who has helped organise this wonderful Christmas lights display for Portobello Market"  Her heart leapt: Nasty had obviously got out his cheque book and paid for the entire Christmas Lights Display. That surely was the message he was putting across?

Sadly in fact, no. The way the council PR people had tried to angle the story-as usual with floundering incompetence, gave the impression that RBKC had funded the display to help traders. The harsh truth is that the Council made the traders pay and then tried to cover themselves in glory by implying that it was a Xmas gift to traders.

What a bunch of dissemblers.....

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