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Friday, 17 December 2010

Leading fellows of BAPs

The British American Project is a secretive organisation, if you believe some they claim links to the CIA, and a vehicle for the propagation of US foreign policy.Well yes, not much success in that quarter we agree. 

'Fellows' are drawn from a spectrum of British public life; they include luminaries such as Jeremy Paxman, Douglas Alexander and Baroness Scotland. In his CV posted on the web Merrick Cockell, offered no clue to his educational or professional background, but he does boast of his fellowship of this rather mysterious organisation.

So what ? Why should the Dear Leader not try to bolster and hone his rather thin credentials for leadership of the multi million pound organisation that is our very own Royally Rotten Borough by wriggling into BAP.

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering

Being a nosy Hornet, she delved deeper. And what did she discover? Something very curious; amongst BAP's financial backers we find none other than our old friends.....

Tribal Resourcing
South Tyneside Council
Sunderland City Council
Tyne & Wear Partnership

Again so what? Well only that Tribal offered it's service to the Tories of this Borough to recruit councillors preventing other party members who have shown years of dedication delivering leaflets in all weather across K&C from standing (er, no, Mr Spalding was not their fault!) and also it happens to be major beneficiary of RBKC contracts worth many many thousands of pounds.

Of course, we are sure that Dear Leader has always declared an interest and will no doubt huffily provide hard evidence of that to put Hornet back in her nest - she isnt suggesting he has done anything he shouldnt.
It would seem thay Cllrs Boyo Moylan nor Native American economist Chief Lightfoot are not fellows of this Opus Dei like brotherhood-or at least we hope not: that would a really massive conflict of interest would it not?

If Hornet is right, in his research Dear Leader's gofer, will need to have some cogent explanations. For it would be wrong for the Council to be employing a small consultancy which financed an organisation, of which Dear Leader was a leading light, without declaring an interest.

Oh well, Hornet supposes its back to the council minutes.....

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