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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Let them earn their allowances

For generations local government operated on a Committee based structure. It was a tried and tested one (just like Spalding in Earls Court): one that bought into play a multitude of talents and experience. So of course politicians could not resist the temptation to de-democratise local government and introduce a system of local government that has created a vast gulf between residents and their representatives: the much despised Cabinet System.

Fortunately we have in Eric Pickles, a man with much practical experience of local government-a poacher turned gamekeeper, so to speak.Eric has decided that a reversion to the old Committee system is good for local democracy and The Hornet shares his belief and this is why....

The current Cabinet system that RBKC is lumbered with focuses power on a narrow clique of self serving people. Dear Leader and The Great Architect control the levers of power so insolently that the other day at a Council meeting, Boyo was heard calling a senior and highly regarded colleague a 'gargoyle'-not what we expect from the Deputy Leader and Deputy Chairman of TfL And a dreadful advertisement for our Borough.

It's the sort of remark might go down well in the Irish Parliament, but not in Hornton Street.Currently, four members of the clique are garnering over £250,000 a year controlling a patronage system which allows them to deal out valuable financial inducements to other councillors who 'toe the line'. So if the Leader wants to ensure loyalty or pay back for some service or other he can boost their income by appointing them Lead Member for Toilet Maintenance or Cheesecake Purchasing. The same applies to the Mayoralty-again within Dear Leader's gift. Cllr Coleridge, was made to pay for his 'sin' in opposing Boyo's plan to wreck Sloane Square by having his Mayoralty delayed for a year!

We hope that the council is carefully considering whether to set in train the motions to revert to the Committee system but we won't be holding our breath. 

As things stand the Council runs to the Dear Leaders and his gloat of accolytes whims. The last thing he would wish is a group of suddenly liberated councillors pondering upon decisions he currently is able to push through.

Hornet believes that residents are the ones who should take a decision. We need a referendum and we need it NOW.  Let's get our councillors earning their grossly inflated allowances and working for residents not the Dear Leader

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