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Monday, 13 December 2010

Pavement Poetry

There are three things dear to Hornets heart, and the third of these is the arts. It is through the arts that our rich diverse culture can truly enhance the wellbeing and lives of our residents. That is why Hornet is pleased to hear about Pavement Poetry: an exciting book of poems by local rhymesters and literary grandees, for example,Margaret Drabble, PD James, Colin Thubron, John Heath-Stubbs, Michael Holroyd, Hugh Thomas and Sebastian Faulks.

Hornet hopes all readers will rush out and buy a copy. It would be an ideal present to send to family, friends or even your favourite councillors. Maybe Cllr Moylan would like a copy to leaf through while tucking into his cheesecake?

It is now available through the following bookshops (but can be ordered through any bookshop).

Daunt Books, The Travel Bookshop and Lutyens & Rubinstein (all lovely independents in W11) are stocking Pavement Poetry. The England & Co gallery on Westbourne Grove also have a few copies for sale. 

Please also take a look at The Hill Magazine that's just come out, Pavement Poetry is featured

(Please note, the inclusion of the names of these bookstores and authors does not indicate they support Hornet or her blog merely stating where the book contained in this piece can be purchased and contributors. Although Hornet is sure that if asked,  they would - like you - find it informative and entertaining).

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