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Monday, 1 November 2010

TMO on the take according to some

Back in September Hornet told you all was not well with the K&C TMO, it needed some TLC and, quite frankly, a good shaking, read it here.

It seems now the situation has descended into even murkier depths with some accusing others of spending money earmarked for a pensioners tea party on a slap up meal for two of the TMO directors. The TMO said that its directors had not dined out on tea party money, claiming that the meal had been organised by a resident and that the expenditure had been approved by senior officers.
Hornet also pointed out the ruckus at the AGM that had to be abandoned when attendees failed to follow the direction from the chairman.

All has not been well at the TMO since as far back as 2004 when financial issues were investigated. It all came to a head in 2007 when it was revealed an overspend of £9 million on the Decent Homes Budget, around the same time as many homes had their planned improvements cancelled.

There are a litany of complaints, with accusations and counter accusations that when all said and done is damaging to the well being of this organisation. Whether the allegations are true or not there is some truth in the saying if you throw enough mud eventually it will stick.

The only losers will be the tenants themselves unless something is done to sort out this awful mess.

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