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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Going Underground Splits Councillors

A planning application considered by the council last month, on yet another subterranean basement extension caused two councillors to break ranks at the planning meeting.

The application was from a mid terrace property down in Royal Crescent, W11 - not far from Westfield. Currently occupied by a single family, it has four storeys and a basement and is Grade II listed.

The plan is to excavate the basement under the rear garden, accessed by an external staircase, and housing a swimming pool.

Objections to the planning application were heard from the " Kensington and Norland Conservation Societies" who attested this would be the only property in the twenty two on this street with a basement extension, as they were Grade II listed; there is no mention when sky lights in the garden will be opened to ventilate the pool; and there is history of subterranean flooding that Thames Water acknowledge not covered in the planning application.

It was the flooding and drainage issue that caused two councillors, Campion and Freeman to put on record their objection to the planning application that was approved by the rest of the committee.

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