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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

U-Turn on Parking Charges?

It seems that Nasty Nick, the chief whip, has received some unwelcome news this week. No, not about his neighbour in Hollywood Road, but about the proposed increases in parking charges pushed through on the nod earlier this month.

In the north of the borough charges will double, whereas in the more affluent south where most of the councillors live it will rise by about 35%. This has got the gander up of many people, not least local businesses who will undoubtedly in these economic times will be happy if parking charges were at least left as they were to encourage customers.

The councils wheeze was to increase parking charges so that it will help raise finance, which the Association of British Drivers have informed the gaggle of councillors that it is in fact not legal to use parking fees to top up general council coffers.

A court case up north (Camden) ruled that it is wrong to increase parking charges intentionally to create a surplus that can be used to top up council funds elsewhere. Oh dear.

Lets see how this one pans out shall we...

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