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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Absentem laedit cum ebrio qui litigat.

News has reached Hornet over rather interesting remarks made by K&C Planning Supremo, AND Deputy Chairman of TfL, AND suspected Cheesecake eater Cllr Daniel Moylan over planning decisions.

Here it is in its full unashamed beauty:

Help a girl out here, this is a comment from the person who has cabinet responsibility for planning, and he is saying that communities shouldnt have a say in planning decisions? Because if people did, nothing would get done? Where does he get off....    Bangkok airport usually it seems............

He is partly right, you do have to resolve nimbysm...  the Moylan approach seems to be just to ignore it and dont bother to ask "those with attitude", The right way is to do exactly the opposite and bring people together. Moylans suggested route would lead to communities pitted against community, uproar and disenchantment, and civil war! Not like him is it?

This arrogant attitude is as ludicrous as it is alarming, coming from the man who self proclaims himself to "do a good job [and] treat residents fairly" - not Hornets words Daniel, yours.

Far be it for the lowly unelected members of the public who are there at Moylans behest to fund lavish lunches and accommodate his numerous exotic sojourns to Thailand to get in the way of planning decisions.

The Planning Authority of which Moylan is kingpin has a statutory duty to consult and consider all views, for and against, and make a decision within planning laws set down by Parliament. People who share Moylans misguided view should not have a position of power when it comes to planning.

There is a very fine line between intelligence and arrogance, very fine indeed.

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