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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Episode VII

The hero of the hour was the boy Marshall. The Dear Leader was exultant:no longer was day to be disrupted by the antics of the ex Mayor of the Borough Barry Phelps. Young Marshall keen to ingratiate himself with the Leader and Mr Myers had discreetly followed the disgraced ex cllr as he lurched his way in the early hours to his budget room in the Weatherhead Tower. Waiting till he heard the snores of the Bearded One he squirted a generous application of superglue into the heavy ornate lock of the bedroom door.

At breakfast in the Prince of Wales Gazebo room the muffled roars of Phelps could be heard as he struggled to free himself. Cleverly young Marshall had also thought to cut the telephone line. At a stroke Boy Marshall had thwarted attempts by Lofty Palmer to further his leadership ambitions.

Boy Marshall basked in the glow of admiration from his fellow councillors as he tucked into his vast breakfast, three whole weetabix and warm milk.  However danger lurked....

Into the room bounded none other that Cllr Greenhalgh shiny from his early morning half marathon and surrounded by his team of go getters. Ever since Cllr Greenhalgh has suggested that the Rotten Borough join his new cost saving scheme the Dear Leader had been having second thoughts. It was clear that this Greenhalgh chap was not cut from the same cloth. Even his allowance was a derisory 30k compared to Dear Leaders 70+ allowance. What would happen if Greenhalgh suggested they both make a gesture by slashing their allowances?

The thought was too horrendous to contemplate.

Seizing the initiative Dear Leader set out the agenda for day. When the Leader of H&F heard that he and his hotshot tean were going to be tutored by young Tristram Buckmaster-Mellen he and his team fell about laughing."if you think we came all the way down here to this dump to engage with you, Lionel Ahern and Danny Cheesecake Moylan you got the wrong guys" he sneered. Soon it all became clear Greenhalgh and his thrusters were there to oust them-not to engage in theatrical role playing with his team.

How would he be able to explain to La Baronnessa and her ex step Daughter in Law, Madonna that there would be no Interaction Workshop. Tears welled up in his eyes as he saw humilaition staring him in the face....

Scurrying towards him came Mr Myers his faithful Town Clerk. Maybe he had some news? He did, and the news was bad. Greenhalgh had heard of Boyo s plan to double parking charges to replenish his warchest about to be depleted by the dismantling of the CC. Moylan's plan was to buy a vast supply of Chinese granite to be used in future years to leave his mark upon the Rotten Borough. He was worried that in years to come the Chinese dictatorship might be forced to stop the quarrying using slave labour by political convicts. If that happened he could see prices soaring. So he had devised a clever hedging strategy to ensure granite supplies and thus continue to repave the streets of the Rotten Borough with the results those wicked protesters against the Chinese dictatorship.

If only he could use those in the Rotten Borough who disagreed with him to perform such useful service......

Next week...
The Team meet with Greenhalghs hotshots to dicuss the NewDeal

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