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Monday, 1 November 2010

BK Earls Court in dock over mice

Earls Court residents who use the Burger King restaurant should be aware the operators of the popular burger chain appeared at West London magistrates court charged with three offences all concerned with poor hygiene.

In March 2009 officers from environmental health paid a visit to the eatery and found that the premises was dirty, had a significant mouse infestation and inadequate pest proofing. During the inspection, officers discovered burger buns contaminated with mouse droppings and gnawed burger buns and packaging, so closed the restaurant immediately.

"Adil Catering"  the franchise owner was fined £10,500 plus costs after admitting three charges of failing to keep the food premises clean, failing to protect food against contamination, and failing to ensure adequate pest control procedures were in place.

However, new management had been brought out as soon as this was uncovered, and the premises has passed two independent inspection reports in April 2009 and March of this year.

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