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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Someones been at the Cheesecake again....

Serial cheesecake eater Daniel Moylans lunch expenses are highlighted again today, two taxpayer funded noshings where the Great Architect entertained Sir Simon Orr Ewing,

£135 pounds worth between two, around 10% you very kindly tipped the attentive waiting staff who dutifully supplied Daniel with his Cheesecake.

At his regular haunt of Min Jiang, Daniel also slapped onto your bill a £10 glass of Chablis, whereas a whole bottle of Pinot's finest was served at Montpeliano for a mere £25, how very generous.

Have a goose at the receipts and you can see exactly what your tax payers money was spent when Daniel Moylan submitted his expense claims.

But of course dear reader the main focus should be on what was the purpose of this meeting?

What could the Great Architect possibly have council related business to discuss with Sir Simon Orr Ewing on two occasions?

It was definitely council business as otherwise Danny wouldn't have been allowed to submit the claims...

So what was it about?

Quite a few theories have been put forward but it seems the run away winner is that these lunches were a rather crude attempt at schmoozing himself into Boodles, the Gentlemens Club down in St James that Moylan was at one point desperate to become a member of.

As Hornet reported back in August Moylans membership was quietly withdrawn following a rather out-of-character verbal assault (ahem) on the archetectural style of club member Prince Charles, and how TfL of which he is Deputy Chairman, is raking it in handing out parking tickets to club members.

Now if these lunches were to do with Moylan trying to get into Boodles then he has absolutely no right in submitting them as an expense. It is personal business and should be paid for by him personally,

If it is legitimate council business then say what it is, what was discussed and what was the results of these lunches?

Moylan cannot have it both ways, if he wishes to submit expense claims then he has to be open and transparent as to exactly what is the purpose.

The tax payers of K&C have a right to know and Moylan has an obligation to respond.

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