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Monday, 1 November 2010

Students put three past coppers

Imperial College students took part in a charity soccer match last week against coppers from Kensington, raising £4000 for brain-injury charity Wolfson Rehabilitation Centre in Wimbledon.

The match took place at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and the students beat the local bobbies 3-2 in what was a good tempered game.

The Wolfson, as its usually called, provides individual and group rehabilitation programmes for patients. The aim is to help patients make the transition from requiring assistance with personal activities of daily living (PADLs) to becoming sufficiently independent for discharge. Patients receive a weekly timetable that shows their daily scheduled activities.

Day services include a day patient programme, Wolfson Cognitive Assessment Programme (WCAP), Vocational Programme, Cognitive Group and Pain Management Programme. Facilities include therapy rooms, consulting rooms and offices, kitchen, dining room, lounge, resource room, 32 beds, conference room, music therapy room, quiet lounge, rehabilitation flat, and hydrotherapy.

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