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Friday, 12 November 2010

Menage a trois - Part 2

What is it with our cousins across the way in H&F, first freezing allowances and now the announcement they intend to let tenants run businesses from their council homes. Is there no end to the superb news coming from this once bastion of socialism?

It is really a fantastic idea, and Cllr Greenhalgh and his team should be rightly applauded.

Allowing the teenager computer whizz kid to set up an online firm from their bedroom, a parent some space to run the company books, or an elderly tenant who makes individual craft items to do so from their home, rather than rent expensive offices is quite simply brilliant.

In the past tenancy agreements have prevented businesses from being run from home, and now the couuncil intend to consult on removing these conditions from tenancy agreements.

Lets hope whatever is in the water over in H&F spreads over to K&C.

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