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Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Royal Borer

The councils bluetop, as previously mentioned is the most unread publication in the borough but does have some interesting figures.

Not contained within it of course, oh no, not even the rather cute photo of Sir Councillor Sir Merrick Sir Cockell, the new one, the one that makes him look almost human. Oh no, the figures around its production costs.

The paper is produced six times a year, every other month, and Hornet has reported earlier the annual costs of this waste of paper. 

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering.....

The council produces 95,000 copies each edition, and each edition costs on average £11,900. So that means each copy costs 12.5p. After you have deducted all the staff salaries involved in producing the rag, the printing costs, getting it to the distribution company, how much is left to actually pay the distributors? 

It cant be alot, can it?

By and large the people who deliver door to door are part timers or students earning some extra cash, or immigrants from eastern europe or afar who are struggling to find suitable alternative employment. Is the council sure they are being paid a decent wage, let alone a living wage by delivering their paper?

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