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Monday, 8 November 2010

Rifkinds Pillar

Malcolm Rifkind, our Edinburgh born MP has in the local rag bleated on about the demise of the Western Extension. He says "After much opposition, and an overwhelming reaction to a public consultation, the Zone will be eliminated on Christmas Eve - ensuring Santa Clause won't be taxed for delivering his presents!"

The WE of the CZ has rightly been a contentious issue from the very start, and as Hornet has brought you the Dear Leader, the Great Architect and Leader-in-waiting Palmer have all come out as being opposed to Livingstones Monster.

Rifkind goes a little further and criticises the western extension as nothing more than money making exercise, and how it was nothing short of a stealth tax.

It is also worth pointing out, although Malcolm doesnt, the abolition of the WE of the CZ will lead to an increase in traffic in K&C of up to 12% - neither does he mention the council proposals to double parking fees in the borough which will mean more costs for local people despite the abolition of the zone.

But little does Rifkind know, the powers that be in the depths of Hornton Street are mulling over an idea to re-introduce a congestion charge within the borough, despite the protestations against the one created by Livingstone. If this plan ever sees light of day, you heard it here first!

1 comment:

  1. "leader in Waiting" what an honour

    Cllr Palmer


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