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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Boodles Orange Fool

A while back Cllr Moylan, while he was in this country anyway, hoped to join the Gentlemens Club in St James called Boodles. Boodles is a pretty exclusive place based in St James, having moved from Pall Mall about 200 odd years ago.

Notable past members include actor David Niven, anti slave trade campaigner William Wilberforce, fashion icon Beau Brummell and politicians John Profumo and Sir Winston Churchill

He was proposed by his rather grand neighbour, but a year or so after his candidacy was first mooted it was quietly withdrawn.

Curiously enough, Hornet learns, that this was shortly after the Great Architect himself attacked the design favoured by Boodle’s most prominent member, the Prince of Wales, for a new Classical Italian style entrance at Kensington Palace, which he scathingly likened to "something from a garden furniture catalogue".

Hornet would like to know how many times Cllr Moylan has looked at a garden furniture catalogue.

According to the London Evening Standard, they suggest it is Cllr Moylans role within Transport for London that has angered the Boodles Gentlemen, who who are infuriated by TfL extracting huge fines for petty traffic offences.

The Standard even alleges that the proposer of Cllr Moylan has been on the receiving end of a £60 traffic penalty. The friend who owns a villa in Corfu next to Lord Rothschild’s, has written an angry letter to Moylan complaining about parking fine!

Hornet wonders where the letter was sent? To the town hall, or maybe to Moylans holiday home, no matter Hornet is sure if requested Cllr Moylan could get his mail couriered over to him while abroad, shame we cant say the same about his Boodles membership card.

Trebles all round!

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