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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


The Dame is a shoulder to cry on. Her dear old friend Lady Bickering-Hoare called her up to say that she had invested all her savings into a company of which Cllr Moylan was a non-executive director of. She said she was reassured because Cllr Moylan was always showing off about being a financial brainbox. Now it seems that none of the investors are going to get a bean back.
Lady B-H wonders how the leadership of the Council can be entrusted to someone so financially inept....she is furious with Cllr Moylan and says one of his other companies is taking on water fast. Odd, that Danny Boys never mentions his failed directorships on his narcissistic website. How about the other one...British Real Estate Fund? 
That went the way of all flesh too. 
A special resolution was passed to place Glanmore Property Fund Limited in Member' Voluntary Liquidation. James Robert Toynton and Ben Alexander Rhodes of Grant Thornton Limited and Sean Croston of Grant Thornton UK LLP were appointed as Joint Liquidators for the purpose of such winding up.
Note that the Joint Liquidators intend to make an interim distribution of the majority of the Fund’s cash in the first quarter of 2017, provided that the Joint Liquidators are satisfied that all creditor balances have been identified and appropriate provisions have been made.
The Joint Liquidators do not intend to report to the shareholders until they are in a position to make a distribution or unless there are matters which need to be considered or agreed by the shareholders.


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  2. Would the Dame's dear readers remember to be wary of the laws of libel. You would not wish to see the Dame in court

  3. OMG - That picture . Would you let him Babysit your kids ?

    1. Bet he's got 'puppies ' if anyone would like to see them. Whoa No !

  4. We need financially competent Councillors and sadly after reading this , i don't think 'Dan is the Man '. Perhaps he could try Universal Credit when he is ousted .

  5. Cllr Moylan seems typical of a type we find within RBKC, some have already been and gone but we get stuck with this type of character to our cost. Can't they move on to another borough, Tower Hamlets for example, or is it just the kudos of KCTMO that works for them?

  6. Cllr Moylan seems typical of the type we find within RBKC, some have already been and gone, but we get stuck with this type of character to our cost. Can't they move to another borough, Tower Hamlets for example, or is it just the kudos of RBKC that works for them?

  7. Sleaze personified.

  8. How could have Lady B-H believed Moylan's sales pitch. Must have fallen for his hypnotizing charm.
    In respect of the fiber of the Cabinet. Is it any different from other Councils? I think not. Same cabal.

  9. Lady Bickering-Hoare15 November 2017 at 14:20

    Mr Badger
    At Bickering Hall we are plagued by your species and I have instructed Phelps, our sturdy keeper and Moylan, our head gardener, to gas your relatives.
    Be careful that Lord Bickering-Hoare doesn't send them to Holland Park....

  10. Dear Lady Bickering-Hoare: I consider your rant nothing but a harassment of an innocent badger and his sette in Holland Park. Should any of your ghastly lot be espied in HP with nefarious intentions, I will get on the blower and summon my friends at the RSPCA and informing our good friend Bryan May (of Queen fame) of your intentions. Beware dear Lady.
    PS Don't forget that our 'species' also include 'weasels' and we all know who they may be.

  11. SB is absolutely right: Badgers, himself and weasels (those named by dear Lady B-H) belong to the same family of omnivors, the 'Mustelidae'. Lady should not be prejudicial against one and not the others. Cull one, cull them all. I will arrange for SB and his settle to escape to friendlier climes.

  12. Spot on SB: cull the weasels.


  14. The tragedy is that the cull of current Tory councillors means that Moylan will get the leadership of the Council on a plate. The good news is that there will be no money left so he won't be able to do anything - except raise the Council Tax


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