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Saturday, 11 November 2017


The Dame considers this to be one of the more important issues of our time...we are slowly killing ourselves and our children.
Please, readers, use the comment section to give your thoughts and ideas.
For example, our hapless and hopeless Mayor, Mr. Khan, is in control of black cabs, yet day after day, badly maintained taxis chase around our streets belching out diesel particulates. 

And again,traffic wardens walk blithely past parked cars with engines idling.

Dear Dame
Businesses and residents in the area are working at several levels with a few councillors to campaign for meaningful action by City Hall and London Councils against the air pollution scourge. 

RBKC and Westminster are particularly badly impacted. 
In our area, Cromwell Road and streets south (wind direction, traffic, ‘rat runs’, engine idling etc), air quality is low and noxious particulate pollution is severe. 
Residents, those working here, and particularly children (undeveloped lungs), the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system, are hugely vulnerable - and we have several schools, and many who as yet have no idea their immune systems are low. 

There is a ‘Call for Kensington & Chelsea Council to debate the air quality crisis in the Borough at a Full Council Meeting’. 
To make that happen, a public Petition is first required. 
That has just opened - click on the link below. 
At least 100 signatories are needed. We can do much better than that!
Please do two very important things....

1. Sign the petition HERE
2.   And forward to friends and colleagues


  1. Arterial roads = pollution
    Possible best option = renewable energy vehicles

  2. Worked hard and saved hard for what I have12 November 2017 at 10:13

    Despite not even living K&C Miss Mullin wants us all to pay more council tax to provide for social housing. Miss Mullin has never really had to earn anything by the sweat of her brow. Every job she has had has been funded by the taxpayer.
    She is no different to the hard left who intend to wallop the middle classes with huge tax council increases. Beware of Miss Mullin and Advance. It will advance you to penury. Read this

    1. what is this to do with pollution?

    2. Worked hard and saved hard for what I have12 November 2017 at 14:34

      Because she is polluting K&C, dimwit

  3. We welcome the Dame espousing even more Labour policies!


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