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Thursday, 16 November 2017


What a crass idea to invite the sneering George Osborne to address the Courtfield Ward Association next month.
Greedy Pig
The Dame has a good mind to join the Association so she can come and heckle him.
Osborne is a thoroughly nasty piece of work and is no doubt charging Cllr Lindsay tens of thousands of pounds for his spiteful words.
The mark of a good ex CofE is what happens in his afterlife
It seems the sardonic Osborne has to rely on the financial support of a former enemy of this country, the ex KGB agent, Mr Lebedev. The worst thing that ever happened was allowing these shady people into our country.
Weird Russian Lebedev

How humiliating to end up as editor of a freesheet.
The Dame would have paid millions to have been present when Mrs. May gave the little bugger his marching orders.


  1. UK = Public school hierarchy and buddies

  2. Courtfield likes to "live on the edge". It is a Ward with many fringe people and no hopers. They aspire to Abingdon, Royal Hospital or Campden Wards but will never get there. The "never was" and "never will be" brigade.

    Osborne (a "has been") is an entirely appropriate guest.

    1. is that the people who work in the Courtfield Ward Conservative Association, or the residents of Courtfield Ward?

      if its the residents you are sneering at, glad to see that have called nearly 5000 people "no hopers"

  3. Dame, which little bugger? Lebedev?

  4. Dame, I would love to send you an early Christmas present in case you haven't read this but I have no postal address to send it to you. An insight into Gideon's life. Who knows what common interest Lebedev and Gideon shares.

  5. Another bad judgement call by Courtfield Conservatives - hot on the heels of their gross and insensitive Survey inter alia seeking views on ‘how has Grenfell impacted on you and your family?’.
    By their deeds and utterances shall they be known (also in May 2018).

  6. Someone said Osborne brought us back financially after Brown and we didn't suffer too much, what would you say?


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